Throwback Thursday!

Happy 4th of July!!!  What a privilege it is to live in America and be free!!! To be honest, I struggle at times with why the Lord picked me to be born and raised here.  Not all are.  It’s easy to be a Christian in America; that’s not the case in other places.  I am […]

Alexander Graham Bell and Capacity Catch-Up!

So I just found this blog post that I started, but never finished.  I decided tonight was a good night to do so! It’s not like I have end of year things to do or anything….right?!?!  😉 A couple weeks ago we were working on measuring and comparing how much items hold–CAPACITY! The kiddos really […]

Measuring Up!

Area activities for first grade that were a hit with my students! They loved measuring and order with this fun idea!

The last few weeks we have been measuring in math! We have measured and compared length, area, and weight. Here is a peek at how we have done some things. Week 1 we compared length.  You can read more about this {HERE}. Week 2 we compared area of 2D objects.  I cut out house shapes […]

Addition Allie and Subtraction Sammie

This week we are diving into problem solving…again! Boy, oh boy!! We already covered problem solving this year, (read more about that HERE), but it’s not easier the second time around.  We are back on the crazy problem solving merry-go-round….at least that’s what it feels like! SERIOUSLY!! The questions that CSCOPE gives as examples are […]

Is it “Figure” or “Shape”??

Figure or shape?  For so long we have called them 3D shapes.  My principal met with us last week after hearing a lady from TEA share this story: I observed a teacher teach a great interactive lesson about 3D shapes.  It was very hands-on, the students were very engaged, and they had a solid understanding. […]

Problem Solving Problems!

I think they call it “problem solving” within the math realm for a reason! Ya’ll, this is TOUGH for my kids! Maybe it’s the just the way the problems are worded and how they have to secretly solve for “x”….(HELLO ALGEBRA IN FIRST GRADE!!!), but it is just plain hard. After teaching it for 3 […]

It’s TIME for February!!

Can you believe that January is over already? Time has flown by! Only 11 months left for 2013!! We have been working on telling time to the hour and half hour this week. We made these clocks using paper plates, sentence strips, brads, and markers. We watched several YouTube Videos.  Here is my favorite! We […]

Sweet Numbers and Giveaway!

I hope you all have been enjoying this BEAUTIFUL Sunday!! At least here in Texas it’s gorgeous outside! I have been working on this for the last 3 hours so I am completely ready to just keep it short and close my computer for the day and go enjoy the weather!! Here is a peak […]

A Peek at Last Week!

Last week we finished our little unit on money.  We used this unit as we learned about money and their equivalent values. I can honestly say that 90% of my friends did WONDERFUL with equivalent values of money!! I was thrilled!  Here is the money unit we used. I also have decided to add some […]

Celebrating with a SALE…WHAT?!

Okay, so I feel like I am breaking a law of some sort by blogging twice in one day.  I never have time for this kind of craziness! 🙂 BUT, I have two big things to celebrate! 1. I hit 200 followers on this little ‘ole blog of mine!!!2. I hit a personal goal on […]

Number Puzzles, Eddie the Elf, and Outfits!

We finally had our Holiday program this week and my wishful thinking was not good enough.  My kids are out of control, people! Sweet, sweet, hearts, but talkers, talkers, talkers! I knew it was time to bring out Eddie the Elf. I have done a classroom Elf since my first year of teaching.  Some years […]

Pattern Pallooza and Giveaway Winners

Happy Monday!! I don’t know about you, but it feels like my little first grade friends are ready for a break.  We have our Holiday Performance tomorrow and a part of me hopes that after that is over, the kids may go back to normal.  We were just extra crazy today! On to better things! […]

Number Patterns & Needs and Wants

I’m late on posting this…I know!  This week we continued patterning, but with numbers.  We identified patterns in numbers-even and odd numbers and counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s.  Here are some snap shots of our anchor charts we made. Nothing too fancy.  It was a race against the clock last week! YEESH!  We also discussed […]

Patterns and A Little Reading

This week was a short week for us.  We had parent conferences on Monday morning and then staff development in the afternoon. (I was honored to present on guided reading and I. LOVED. IT.  I loved helping teachers.  We had SUCH great conversation and many wonderful questions were asked.)  It was 7 kinds of crazy! […]

Comparing Numbers to 30

It was a super busy weekend, but I finally finished up my Comparing Numbers to 30 unit. I used several pieces of this to introduce 10 frames and teach place value and number comparisons a couple of weeks ago.   I also added math station games that I hope to introduce soon and use for […]

Graphing FREEBIE!

Each week that goes by I stop and say, “Man, this week is so much better than the last!”  After 4 weeks  my sweet friends are becoming more familiar with our “guidelines for success” and procedures.  It’s nice.  They are learning that I mean business!, but they are also no afraid to get out of […]

What’s Up In Our Classroom!!!

Hey all! I feel like I have neglected my little ‘ole blog with all of the craziness lately! I have been busy not only at school but at home, too.  Aggie football, church, friends, etc.  All great things that bring joy to my life, but sometimes they just make life crazy busy! Here is some […]

Summer Bucket List

Partnering with parents is important as teachers! This end of year bucket list FREEBIE is great to help parents support what happened in the classroom throughout the summer!

Summer break is wonderful for so many reasons, but it also can be so hard for so many of our little learners.  Many times the lack of structure, routine, and the many unknowns make it tough for them.  Often times, students’ first response isn’t to pick up a book or play a math game.  Parents […]