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December 4, 2012

Pattern Pallooza and Giveaway Winners

Happy Monday!! I don’t know about you, but it feels like my little first grade friends are ready for a break.  We have our Holiday Performance tomorrow and a part of me hopes that after that is over, the kids may go back to normal.  We were just extra crazy today!

On to better things! Here is a peak at what we did last week in our classroom as we studied additive patterns.

We started by reviewing even and odd numbers.  I passed out snack and they had to pretend they were sharing it with a friend.  They wanted it to be fair.  We called this a “fair share”.  We then discussed how some friends had 1 goldfish that no one got.  The kids all quickly remembered our math words “even” and “odd”. WAHOO!! We discussed how even numbers have partners and odd numbers do not have partners.  We discussed that “however a number ends you can tell if it’s even or odd”.  A.K.A. Always look in the ones place!!

From this, we slid right into additive patterns.  We had already discussed them pictorially, but this time, we used tables and charts to figure them out.  We did word problems with this.

We then transferred this to solely numerical additive patterns (no pictures).  We concluded with making our own Even Steven and Odd Todd as we sorted patterns by even additive patterns and odd additive patterns.

WHEW! It was a BUSY week in math, but we made it!!!

You can see more of what we did through the week here.  I put it all together: assessments, pattern cards, problem solving, and Even Steven and Odd Todd additive pattern sorting is all included! You can grab it here in my TpT store. 🙂

One more exciting thing…TWO WINNERS!!!  We will email you your goodies soon! 🙂

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  1. Pattern Palooza looks so fun! I just found your beautiful blog through Mrs. Standford’s Link. So happy to be your newest follower! Stop by and say hi!

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