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January 30, 2021

8 Activities To Celebrate the 100th Day of School Virtually

No matter if you are teaching in-person or through distance learning this year, celebrating the 100th day of school is a big deal. I loved implementing a combination of fun activities and activities that integrated into math and literacy. You have a ton on your plate, so I wanted to help you come up with some engaging and fun ways to do virtual 100th day of school activities.

You can pick and choose which ones will work in your classroom with your students. These 100th day of school activities will work well for virtual classrooms, in-person learning, and combo classes.

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1. Sing and Chant Counting to 100

One of the best ways to kick off the in-person or virtual 100th day of school activities is to sing and chant counting to 100. There are several videos I love to use all year in the classroom:

Harry’s Kindergarten Music – I Can Count to 100

Harry’s Kindergarten Music – Climbing Up This Mountain (Counting by 10s)

Have Fun Teaching – Counting by 5s Song

There are so many different videos out there! I would choose several to play and sing to throughout the day as brain breaks and transitions.

2. Create a 100th Day of School Flip Up Book

Use the 100th Day of School Flip Up Book (it comes in both printable and digital notebook style) to easily integrate physical activity, math, reading, and writing! Students will love being able to do this on Google Slides or in printable format. Then, students can share their favorite pages with each other.

This is the printable version, but it also comes in a digital format for Google Slides.

3. 100 Second Challenges

Using the Minute to Win It game model, have students compete in different challenges for 100 seconds. There are so many different virtual 100th day of school activities you can do with this type of game. For example:

  • A physical challenge like 100 seconds of balancing on one foot and progressively making it harder (add hopping, spinning and hopping, etc.).
  • A physical challenge like counting how many jumping jacks students can do in 100 seconds (or any other exercise).
  • Play the Cookie Face game for 100 seconds. If students donโ€™t have a cookie, they could use almost anything: large pretzel, cracker, goldfish, etc. See who can get the most items to their mouths before the timer runs out.
  • Play Pencil Flip: Hold your hand out and place a pencil on the back of your hand. Quickly flip your hand over and catch the pencil. Add a pencil each time you flip and catch. Whoever has the most after 100 seconds wins.

You can grab some more inspiration for Minute to Win It games on my blog HERE. You can grab the free easy-to-read downloadable list, too!

If you are looking for a way to keep students engaged during a classroom party, these 11 games are sure to win them over! Check out how easy the games are to set up and run and grab the FREE list while you are there!

4. Dress like a 100 year old

This is one of the classic 100th day of school activities that virtual learners can also participate in! My students always got a good laugh out of this one. An alternative to this would be to have students draw themselves at 100 years old and write about what they think life will look like at this age.

5. 100th Day of School Read Alouds

Another one of my favorite in-person or virtual 100th day of school activities is a good read aloud. You can plan an excellent interactive read aloud lesson in three simple steps and integrate the 100th day of school. Some of my favorites are:

6. Virtual 100th Day of School Activities for Shared Reading

Another way to integrate literacy and your 100th day activities is through shared reading. You can still implement shared reading even if you are teaching virtually.

  1. First, choose a song or poem to use. I liked this super simple one!
  2. Then share your screen with your students.
  3. Next, set a purpose for reading.
  4. Finally, use the poem or song to teach mini phonics or sight word lessons.
    • Find the punctuation marks. What do they mean?
    • Find and circle our sight words.
    • Find and circle words you can read.
    • Find a word. Then, find a sentence.
    • Find where a sentence begins and ends. How do you know?

Get this FREE HERE!

I went into detail on virtual shared reading on THIS POST.

7. 100th Day Themed Writing Prompts

During writer’s workshop, have students choose a writing prompt to complete. They can write on a single page or create a book. Some of the ones we used included:

  • Before I turn 100, I want to do… and see…
  • I would love to have 100 of … But I would not like to have 100 of …
  • I can do 100…
  • If I could, I would eat 100…

8. 100th Day Collections

100th day object collections are a beloved activity, especially in kindergarten. This can also easily be one of your virtual 100th day of school activities.

Have students create a collection they can hold up and show the class, or have them take a photo of their collection to share. The collections can be anything – favorite snacks, a book collection, rocks, acorns, paperclips – anything!

To make sharing the collection even more fun, students can give three clues about their collection and let their classmates guess what it could be.

Let’s make celebrating the 100th day of school super fun and a big deal. Your little learners have worked hard this year, and so have you! Whether you’re teaching via distance learning, in-person, or a combination of both, let’s celebrate your and your students’ accomplishments!

If you want to make the 100th day a little easier, grab the 100th Day Flip Up Book that includes:

  • Digital Notebook for Google Slides™
  • Instructions for printing the 100th Day of School
  • Picture examples of the Flip Up Book assembled
  • 6 pages of 100th Day of School activities for students

You’ll have plenty of 100th day of school activities for students all in one spot. Grab it today to be set!

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