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April 9, 2014

Hands-On Activities for Measuring Weight

This week we are continuing with measurement as we explore weight.  I wanted to hop in and share our activity we did today because it was so much fun for the kiddos! Your students are sure to love these activities for measuring weight!

We added to our anchor chart “weight” yesterday and read one of my favorites, Mighty Maddie!

I bagged mystery items from around our classroom. Markers, erasers, a box of crayons, a foam cube–basically whatever I could find within my reach that easily fit inside the bag!

Then we compared the mystery bags.  I wanted my little friends to focus on observing the scale over what they thought was heavier or lighter based on their previous knowledge.  Today was our first day with the balance scale so this was important to me. I needed them to have a solid understanding of how this math tool worked.

We then ordered them from lightest to heaviest.  Two were the exact same! At first they were a little confused, but it was a great learning opportunity as we explored weight with the balance. (Oh, I’m such a sneaky teacher!! I made two mystery items the same!)

We recorded our results and drew a picture of what the balance looked like with the heaviest and lightest mystery bags.

I LOVE this one! He wrote about the “misser” bags, instead of the “mystery” bags! ADORABLE! It was a fun activity for the little learners and they were SO engaged the whole time!

 Looks like we need to revisit capital letters! (insert shameful teacher face here!)

If you’re looking for measurement activities done for you, I have a great math unit that can help. My Measurement for Kinder and First Grade resource has whole group activities, small group activities, and independent practice for measuring length, area, and weight.

Check it out today to be totally set for a great week of hands-on learning in math!

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  1. We just finished this unit! I always love your ideas. I checked out the preview…just curious if you wanted the W in bold in the “Measuring My Friend” on the preview? If so, I’m sorry I pointed it out (and embarassed too!)

    1. It’s okay, but yes, it is supposed to be that way. It’s a different font as the capital letters in the other font do not work! Crazy, right? It is the same on other pages (with the bold capital letters), but you can’t see that because you can’t see all of the pages as closely as you can that one. 🙂 No worries!!!

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