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April 11, 2013

Addition Allie and Subtraction Sammie

This week we are diving into problem solving…again! Boy, oh boy!! We already covered problem solving this year, (read more about that HERE), but it’s not easier the second time around.  We are back on the crazy problem solving merry-go-round….at least that’s what it feels like! SERIOUSLY!!

The questions that CSCOPE gives as examples are pretty much algebra.
Example: Jim has some cookies.  Sarah has 6 cookies.  Together they have 15 cookies. How many cookies does Jim have?  x+6=15

I’m sorry.  They are 6 years old.  That’s just a little crazy if you ask me!!!

Anyway, we are doing what we can.  We started the week and I introduced Addition Allie and Subtraction Sammie.

I told some crazy made up stories about each of them.  If you can’t tell, Allie is a super hero and Sammie is a villain.

We started our anchor charts together and have just added phrases and words to them as we have discovered them.

We have a whole other week of this craziness so we will continue to add to them next week.  Everyday we have been reading story problems, acting out story problems on our story mats, and trying to comprehend story problems so we can figure out how to solve them.  These two guys have definitely helped!

If you are looking for something to use to help reteach some problem solving, check out Smart Cookie.

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I hope your week has been fantastic!  I am swimming in silent auction items, spreadsheets, and certificates.  SOOOO ready for Saturday!! 🙂

Happy Teaching,


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  1. I LOVE your blog! I found you through the Peek at my week LInky party. Your ideas are so creative. I can’t wait to use these two characters for math! Thanks for sharing. I am your newest follower.

  2. I am in kindergarten and we are doing stuff like this, too (crazy tests!!). Anyway, I adore your addition/subtraction peeps- any chance you would be willing to make a template so the craft-challenged can make them too??
    thanks 🙂
    [email protected]

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