8 Activities To Celebrate the 100th Day of School Virtually

No matter if you are teaching in-person or through distance learning this year, celebrating the 100th day of school is a big deal. I loved implementing a combination of fun activities and activities that integrated into math and literacy. You have a ton on your plate, so I wanted to help you come up with […]

How to Use Loom Recording for Online Teaching

Step-by-step tutorial to use Loom for online teaching. Many teachers near and far are using Zoom to meet with their students face-to-face. Even my own daughter had a meeting this week and seeing a class full of 6 and 7-year-olds get together was the cutest thing! Their excitement to see each other was so genuine! […]

How to Use Zoom for Online Teaching

Step-by-step tutorial to use Zoom for online teaching. Have you found yourself in a sea of technology overwhelm as you are trying to figure out how to deliver online teaching? Are you being asked to implement distance learning with your young students? With all that is changing so quickly, we all feel overwhelmed by how […]

What Teachers Need to Know About Subitizing {+ a Freebie}

Subitizing Free Resource

Subitizing is a big word for such a simple concept. Funny how that happens! Much like reading, students need a solid foundation in number fluency. Subitizing activities are a great way to help students do just that! As a result of not learning how to subitize, students might have difficulty with spatial reasoning, understanding addition […]

100th Day of School Activities

Be set for the 100th day of school with these 100th day of school activities! Grab the FREE resources that are perfect for kindergarten and first grade students!

The 100th day of school is a pretty big deal when you are in kindergarten and first grade! Growing up, I never remember celebrating this day in elementary school. Now, it’s totally a “thing”! For my first graders, our day was filled with making 10 sets of 10 as we counted to 100 and celebrated […]

3 Favorite Lesson Hooks

Hooks for lessons are important! Be creative with them and check out these 3 simple, free, lesson hooks!

Hooking students at the beginning of a lesson can be a make or break moment.   It’s the time that you truly create buy in for the topic you are teaching. I would do my best every day to make the hook of my lesson engaging and to truly capture the attention of every child. Here […]

9 Must Make Anchor Charts for Math

9 Must Make Anchor Charts for Math that cover everything from patterns, vocabulary, ten frames, measurement, and more! These graphic organizers are easy to recreate and students love referring to them in math. #anchorcharts #graphicorganizers

During my time in the classroom, I LOVED making math anchor charts.  We would use them all of the time to “anchor our learning”.  I used them as I introduced topics, as we explored topics, to record our learning,  and we always hung them in our classroom to be referenced later.  Because I found anchor […]

3 Activities to Makes Doubles Addition Fun {+ FREEBIE}

Doubles Addition Teaching Ideas that are great for first graders! I love the song that this teacher shared, too! Don't forget to grab the FREEBIE in the post! #firstgrade #freebie

Teaching doubles addition was always something that I enjoyed. Math always seems like the perfect opportunity to try to reach students through all different learning styles. We would do a lot chanting, singing, game playing, and of course, the timed math fact tests. These three activities helped my students develop a strong understanding of doubles addition, […]

Color by Number FREEBIE

Summer color by number is a fun activity for early finishers! It keeps them busy when they finish our end of year activities and projects!

As the end of the year approaches, summer is on your mind! Students are starting to check out you are working hard to keep them engaged in learning as you focus on instruction for the last few weeks! I always found that introducing a new idea or way of practicing skills was fabulous for my […]

Get Your Journal On…Math Journals in Kindergarten

Math Journals for Kindergarten

Happy Sunday!! I hope you have been enjoying your weekend! Hubs and I have spent most of our weekend at a lamaze class.  SO much information has been shared, but it has been great! On to more fun things…MATH JOURNALS in kindergarten! Last year I was MUCH better about journaling with my first grade friends, […]

Weighing In!

These measuring weight activities are sure to keep your kindergarten and first graders engaged! My students were GLUED to this lesson! It's a must-do for sure! #MathLessons #MathActivities

This week we are continuing with measurement as we explore weight.  I wanted to hop in and share our activity we did today because it was so much fun for the kiddos! We added to our anchor chart “weight” yesterday and read one of my favorites, Mighty Maddie! I bagged mystery items from around our […]

Measuring Length

Measuring Length activities that are PERFECT for kindergarten learners! Grab some FREE fun ideas to use, including nonstandard measuring. My students loved this name activity, too! #MathLessons #kindergartenmath

Well, this week we have dove deep into length, kindergarten style! We started by discussing what it means to measure, how we measure, and why we measure.  I love it when it’s so easy for my little friends to connect things.  They instantly were talking about measuring length by how tall people were or how […]

Fraction Activities

Fraction activities and fraction lesson ideas for kindergarten and first grade--love the book she used and the anchor charts she made with her class!

Teaching fractions in kindergarten can be tricky, but it also can be a blast! There are many hands-on activities that you can do. In math, it’s all about providing experiences that are concrete before moving to abstract. Here is a little glimpse at how we tackled fractions with fraction activities last week! Amazon affiliate links are […]

Olympic Fun!

Happy Thursday! I hope you survived the day! I thought I would pop in and show you what I have put together for the Winter Olympics fun that is JUST around the corner!! I seriously hadn’t been this excited about a product in a long while! As a matter of fact, it came together rather […]

Numeracy to 20

Activities for Numeracy to 20 that are hands on, easy for students to do, and engaging.

I survived! I made it through our first week back! I really have a GREAT class this year! We have a lot of work to do, but they are just super sweet.  VERY HIGH ENERGY, but super sweet! This week in math we focused on numbers 16-20.  Our curriculum breaks down numeracy and focuses on […]

Numeracy to 5

Activities for Numeracy to 5 that are hands on, easy for students to do, and engaging.

Math has always been difficult for me.  I was throughout high school and continued through my college days! Oh, how I hated going to math classes in college! Because of all of this, though, it really makes me strive to be a BETTER math teacher.  I really want my kids to have a strong understanding […]

Math Workshop

Guided Math doesn't have to be tricky! This 7 week implementation guide, binder, and activities to get you started is just what you need to help get your little learns started with guided math and math workshop! Love the visuals created to help students remember things, too!

With a new school year come many new goals.  One of my goals is to implement math workshop.  I really do enjoy teaching with the workshop model and I have tried it in the past with math.  While I enjoyed it, it just was difficult for me to remain  consistent.  I would try a different […]

Throwback Thursday!

Happy 4th of July!!!  What a privilege it is to live in America and be free!!! To be honest, I struggle at times with why the Lord picked me to be born and raised here.  Not all are.  It’s easy to be a Christian in America; that’s not the case in other places.  I am […]