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November 5, 2015

3 Activities to Makes Doubles Addition Fun {+ FREEBIE}

Teaching doubles addition was always something that I enjoyed. Math always seems like the perfect opportunity to try to reach students through all different learning styles. We would do a lot of chanting, singing, game playing, and of course, the timed math fact tests.

These three activities helped my students develop a strong understanding of doubles addition, kept them engaged, and provided different ways to show their learning.

Doubles Addition Teaching Ideas

1. Songs and Videos

Our favorite song was by Harry Kindergarten Music.  It always got us up and moving.

Another great doubles addition video is one by Jack Hartmann Kids Music Channel.

We would use a video each day as a math warm-up or brain break during math time.  I also loved playing it randomly throughout the year as a little refresher.

2. Create helpful anchor charts.

Anchor charts with visuals are perfect for so many reasons.

  • They make the learning process visible.
  • They become a reference tool for students throughout the year.
  • They help connect prior learning and current learning.
  • They provide your ELLs extra support that they need.

You can read more about why I love anchor charts here.

This is a great time to have the students share all the things they can think of that come in that “double”.  You could have them draw each item on a sticky note, then add that to the chart.

Doubles Addition Anchor Chart
Doubles Addition Anchor Chart

3. Play hands-on games with doubles addition.

One of our favorite games to play in small group and work station time was always Doubles Addition Bingo. This game is a great way to provide authentic practice with this skill in a fun way! Print, cut, and throw in any little math manipulative and you are set!

Doubles Addition Bingo FREEBIE

You can grab this FREEBIE below and use it in your classroom with your little learners. It’s perfect for a math work station, small groups, or as a whole group class activity.

What fun doubles addition activities do you use in your classroom to teach this concept?

Doubles Addition Teaching Ideas that are great for first graders! I love the song that this teacher shared, too! Don't forget to grab the FREEBIE in the post! #firstgrade #freebie

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