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February 4, 2018

Top 10 Blog Posts About Guided Reading

Guided reading–it truly is the heart of reading instruction in my classroom. Not only is it my favorite part of the day, but it’s a time when kids get instruction that leaves them truly feeling empowered to be the best readers they can be! Whether you are new to guided reading or you’re already successfully implementing it like a rock star, you’ll want to check out these posts on guided reading. These are things I’ve learned through trial and error, mentor teachers, and peers, and I would love for you to be able to take these practices and ideas to help your little readers thrive! Check out these blog posts about guided reading to be set!

 Beginning guided reading can feel like conquering a mountain! Check out these top 10 must read blog post about guided reading to help you get started!

Balanced Literacy in Kindergarten and First Grade

Let’s start at the beginning. How does guided reading fit into the balanced literacy puzzle? Read more HERE to find out! We train our readers, gradually let them go as they are ready, and then let them fly on their own.

Getting Started with Guided Reading

Starting a new method of teaching can be confusing! I put together steps I found to be the most practical in my classroom to implement guided reading. I shared specifics on what this looks like and some helpful resources to get you started in this blog post HERE

Now sure how to get started with guided reading or what tools you need? This blog post makes it SIMPLE!

Tools to Get Started with Guided Reading

These are some of my favorite tools I use daily to teach guided reading from the first day all the way through the end of the year. You may already have some of these items in your classroom! Check out my must-haves HERE

Structuring a Guided Reading Lesson

I really wanted to detail out what guided reading lessons look like. I included lots of photos and specifics. I know this can be so overwhelming, I’ve been there. I think you’ll see how doable it is with this post. I also made some FREE guided reading training videos that have even more information on how I did each part of the lesson cycle. This might look a little different for non-readers, but HERE I show you how to empower and encourage these friends during guided reading time.

A guided reading lesson can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be! See how this teacher breaks it down and shares every part of her guided reading lesson.

Scheduling and Creating Guided Reading Groups

Making flexible guided reading groups and a schedule can be so powerful when we take the time to do it. HERE I shared a FREEBIE that shows a sample of when I met with each of my small groups and a template for you to make your own schedule. Check it out!

Create a guided reading group schedule that works for you! Grab this freebie on the blog!

Identifying a Teaching Point During Guided Reading

Sometimes figuring out what your brief (but impactful!) teaching point will be is tricky. This took me a lot of time to make a habit of! I broke down the types of teaching points there are for guided reading and how I track them in this post HERE. 

Guided Reading Curriculum

Now that you have read all about the ins and outs of guided reading time, you may just be overwhelmed. Maybe you have the gist, but need some direction. HERE is an in-depth guided reading kit that will get you started with all of the components of guided reading including lesson ideas, leveled books, parent notes, and many more tips. Check out the video for more details!

Guided reading lesson plans to help you along the way! No more guessing about what you will teach or running around to gather supplies. Everything you need for a guided reading lesson is in one place!

Guided Reading Misconceptions

It’s so easy to get little mixed up and confused. I’ve realized there are some recurring misconceptions about guided reading and you don’t want to fall into their traps! Check out this blog post HERE to make sure you don’t have any guided reading misconceptions. 

The Organized Guided Reading Binder

You may be wondering how in the world I keep all of my running records and anecdotal notes organized. My binder is the heart of my guided reading time for me as a teacher! It holds my group dividers, lesson plans, running records, meeting schedules, and data forms. Check it out HERE to get a closer look!See how this teacher uses her guided reading binder to help her keep track of the teaching points she has taught students.

Organized Guided Reading

There are so many supplies that can be used for guided reading time! From elkonin boxes, to letter tiles, to books! HERE I shared ideas and photos of how I organized all of my guided reading materials. The more organized you are, the more likely you will be to keep up with everything.

My heart is that you are able to realize the power of guided reading and that you feel empowered, too! Even if your school doesn’t implement it yet, there are so many resources here to help you get started or refine your guided reading time. I also learned so much from professional development books like the ones I talk about HERE in the guided reading section. Coaching your students in this short block of time can make a huge difference throughout the year!

Beginning guided reading can feel like conquering a mountain! Check out these top 10 must read blog post about guided reading to help you get started!

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