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Guided Reading Curriculum

Scripted Lesson Plans-2

Scripted Lesson Plans

Student Materials

Student Materials

Parent Guides2

Parent Guides

Leveled Teacher's Guide

Leveled Teacher’s Guide

Easily Organized

Easily Organized

Research Based

Guided reading is a crucial element in the balanced literacy approach to teaching literacy. It is instruction that is differentiated based upon the students’ needs and which allows the students to practice reading with a coach, their teacher, along side them.  Experts such as Irene C. Fountas, Gay Su Pinnell, and Jan Richardson have showed us time and time again why guided reading is the heartbeat of teaching children to read.  Each lesson element is created with this in mind.

Teacher Friendly

Many teachers want so badly to implement guided reading but are overwhelmed by the task. They are not quite sure how to execute it and they need a coach to walk them through it. Each leveled kit has teacher scripted lessons for each book, teacher notes explaining the reading level, a breakdown of the lesson components explaining the importance and why, easy-prep materials, and organization ideas.

Parent Involvement

During early literacy, parent involvement and outreach is a crucial element to a child’s success.  They want to help, yet aren’t equipped. Each guided reading level comes with a parent note that explains the level—what the child came from, what they are working on now, and what they will work on next.  Each leveled reader has a parent guide that helps parents know what behaviors to support and questions to ask.  Their involvement is a valuable element in early literacy.

Student Engagement

Learning to read is a breeze for some students and a true struggle for others.  Teachers are able to keep them engaged by using texts that have strong supporting illustrations, hands-on word work activities, eye-catching teaching posters, and a simple teaching routine.

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Meet the Teacher

Amanda spent several years in the classroom with kindergarten and first grade students.  With a heart for the inner city, she has experience teaching both mainstream and two-way dual language.  Amanda provides professional development on balanced literacy, guided reading, and integrating science.

Questions? Email me at [email protected]

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Lesson Plans

No more guessing at how to introduce concepts! Use the lessons provided to successfully coach your students.

Student Materials

Keep students engaged with books on their level, appropriate word work, and more!

Parent Guides

Easily support parents at home with the parent notes provided for each level and each book.

Curious what other teachers have to say?

Krista H.

“Small group lessons are always an area that takes time to prepare. These lessons are organized, directions are clear, and exciting for the students to participate in.”

Courtney P.

“As a first year first grade teacher, I came home on Friday crying and exhausted, feeling so overwhelmed because it’s the 7th week of school and I have no idea where to begin…This is exactly what I needed all in one place. Thank you thank you thank you.”

Vivian G.

“This is a very detailed product for teaching guided reading. It is very teacher friendly. I like the organization of the resources.”

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