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January 28, 2024

Science of Reading Small Group Lesson Template

Planning a reading small group can feel like a big task. It is incredibly important, and there are many pieces to consider, but it doesn’t have to be hard! Having a science of reading small group lesson template at your fingertips makes everything easier!

I have been there–the end of a long day, cleaning up my small group table, getting ready for the next day, and yet dreading planning small groups. But once I started using a template, planning for my science of reading small groups was a breeze! You, too, can make planning your small groups a breeze!

I liked keeping everything for my reading small groups in one place–all my data, all my lessons, a book log, and more–all tucked neatly into my reading small groups binder.

One teacher who uses this tool said,  “I am able to keep myself on track with my groups and see their progression right in front of me.”

I liked to keep almost everything organized by groups. Behind each group divider, I would keep a blank science of reading small group lesson template. Usually, I would keep several copies of them. Over the years, I have adapted the template and changed things to include different elements or prompts. This is one of my favorites.

There are several different Science of Reading small group lesson plan templates you can try out to find the perfect fit for you. I love the one that has helpful tips on what to do before, during, and after reading. It makes working through the lesson cycle very easy!

FREE Science of Reading Small Group Guide

If you are looking for a tool to help you know what to teach in your group and give you examples of activities for various grade levels, you’ll love this FREE Reading Small Group Guide!

The guide is broken down into three areas: behaviors to support, phonics skills, and comprehension strategies. Furthermore, it’s broken down into grade levels and time of year: kindergarten, first grade, and second grade!

Get your FREE Reading Small Groups Guide when you join my email list.

Make Science of Reading Small Group Planning Simple

Now, if you are ready to make Science of Reading small group planning a breeze, grab this binder and be set!

It includes:

  • Helpful Resources
  • Binder Set Up Information
  • Binder Covers
  • Group Organization Pages
  • Tabs for Dividers
  • Group Divider Pages
  • Book Log Page
  • Science of Reading Small Group Lesson Templates
  • Reading Small Groups Notes Pages
  • 2 Types of Reading Record Forms (for those that still are required to take them)
  • Student Data Divider and Recording Pages
  • Reading Conferences Divider and Recording Pages
  • Teacher Resources Divider and Pages
  • K-2 Phonics Progression Chart
  • Color Coded Phonics Grade Level Correlation Chart
  • 2 pages of Teacher Helper Prompts
  • Scale of Help Chart in Color and B&W
  • Reading Small Group Example Meeting Schedule
  • Reading Small Group Meeting Plan Page
  • **EDITABLE PowerPoint file for group pages, lesson plan pages, reading conference pages, and running record forms! The templates are NOT editable, but you can edit the page by typing in your lesson plans, notes, and student names.

Nora, who recently bought the binder, said, “This Small Group Binder has been a true game-changer for me. In 6 years, I had just as many ways of organizing small group and small group materials. Drawers and bins always get cluttered, and I only use what is on top. I was making duplicates of materials for different groups. With this binder, I have all of my materials ready to go in one place for all levels. I spend just a little time on Friday pulling materials, and I put it in the folders in the binder. Come Monday, I know who to pull and exactly what I am doing. It has made the precious time we get for small groups so much more meaningful! Thank you for such a great product; I highly recommend it!!!”

We only have so much time during the day to give powerful, effective reading instruction to our students. Let’s make it as efficient as possible. Head over to my store and grab your Science of Reading Small Group Lesson Template, and get organized now.

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