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December 14, 2018

Every Teacher’s Christmas Wish List

‘Tis the season of gift giving! Whether you are a teacher or have one in your life, sometimes knowing what to ask for or what to give can be tricky. We know teachers need things for the classroom, but what can we request or give that is needed? What about just plain fun ideas that teachers will use for themselves or at home?

Friends, I made a list of 12 items that are on every teacher’s Christmas wishlist this year! If you have a teacher in your life, she’s surely going to love one of these items. If you have been asked to make your own wishlist, these top picks are a great place to start!

Are you ready to make your wish list for the holiday season? Here are some of my favorites both in and out of the classroom as a teacher! These 12 things make fabulous teacher gifts!

1. Teacher Backpack

Teachers take things to and from school all the time! This large backpack is perfect for easily toting supplies that have to travel around. I have had mine for almost 4 years now and LOVE it! You can grab one HERE

2. Flip Chart Markers

If you hang around here often, you know I love anchor charts! These flip chart markers won’t bleed through chart paper and will help you make great anchor charts to help keep your students’ learning visual. I know I always burn through markers fast! HERE and HERE are two great options!

3. Flair Pens

Something about a good set of flair pens just makes my heart happy! I love using them for taking notes in meetings, updating my planner, and in my guided reading binder. Color coding things helps you feel more organized! Grab my favorites HERE.

4. Mix N Match Mama’s Cookbook

If you follow me on Instagram, you have seen me share her meals several times! They are a favorite in our house! You can snag it HERE for only $12!! I also have gifted her cake book to my mom and she loves it!!

5. Expo Markers

Expo markers are another one of those consumables that get used quickly! HERE is a post with six ways to use Expo markers in the classroom. THIS post has my favorite teacher hacks for Expo markers. My favorite ones are the Expo Dry Erase Markers with Ink Indicator. They have a tip that lets you make three lines with different widths and lets you know when you’re running low on ink. These could definitely be on any teacher’s Christmas wishlist! Get them HERE

6. Teacher Caddy

When I first heard of this I didn’t think it was a big deal.  I actually won mine at a PD session about guided reading.  But now, it is a TOTAL KEEPER!! I LOVE my caddy and used it all the time!!  It’s one of the tools I share when teachers ask what they need to get started with guided reading. It’s a must-have! You can find one HERE much cheaper than mine! 

7. Next Step Forward in Guided Reading

This book is one of my top recommendations for professional development on guided reading. It truly taught me so much, and I still refer to it today! If you don’t have THIS BOOK in your arsenal of tools, definitely add it to your wishlist this year!  

8. Echo Dot

We are all pretty busy during the day, right? An Echo Dot is basically like an assistant for your classroom or home. In a blog post HERE, I shared 10 ways to use Alexa in the classroom. No matter if the Dot is at school or home, it can tell you the weather, play music, set timers, answer questions, and so much more – all from across the room, too!

9. Capri Blue Volcano Candle

If you haven’t smelled this amazing candle yet, trust me – you’ll love it! After burning it for just a little while, the whole space will fill with a fresh scent. It also lasts a long time! Grab one HERE.

10. Hand Lettering Book

This book is an absolute favorite of mine! It is relaxing and it’s something that I love to practice! A teacher’s Christmas wishlist should have something for fun on it! 

11. Magnetic Phone Charger for the Car

Next is a magnetic phone charger. Okay, stay with me on this one…this magnetic charger clips into your car’s air vent. Then, after you install a magnet to your phone, you can simply stick your phone onto the charger. You can see it better for directions, and it will charge at the same time! This one has over 10,000 reviews! I will definitely be asking for this for Christmas!

12. Cardigan

I don’t know about you, but it always seemed like my classroom was FREEZING! With classroom temperatures that are always unpredictable, a cardigan is a must! I love this knit one in grey! You can grab it HERE.

13. TpT Gift Card

Teachers Pay Teachers offers a gift card option. If you shop there often, a gift card could be a great item to request! With so many products to choose from, you’ll be sure to find something fun, engaging, and effective for your students and classroom. You can visit my store HERE.

Wow! This is making me super excited to start shopping for the teachers in my life! I know we can’t always know what exactly is on each teacher’s Christmas wishlist, but hopefully, this list gave you some inspiration on where to start, even if it’s your own! What’s on your Christmas wishlist this year? I’d love to hear what all of you are asking for.

Are you ready to make your wish list for the holiday season? Here are some of my favorites both in and out of the classroom as a teacher! These 12 things make fabulous teacher gifts!

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