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August 8, 2017

4 Teacher Hacks for EXPO Markers

We use them every single day in our classrooms-EXPO markers.  Our students use them, they bring in fresh new packs at the beginning of the year, and we cross our fingers that they last all year. My goal was always to make them last, make them easy to use in the classroom, and for them to be a tool that is easy to implement! Let me share 4 easy teacher hacks for EXPO markers with ink indicators that you are SURE to love!

Save your EXPO markers and make your teacher life easier with these 4 EXPO marker hacks!
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1. Pom Pom Erasers

Hot glue pom poms to the end of EXPO markers to make erasers and markers two-in-one!Hot glue pom poms to the ends and use them as erasers. You now have two-in-one! I found that 1 inch works best!

2. Ink Saving Storage

Did you know that storing EXPO markers horizontally is actually BEST? Save the ink, save the marker, and make it last longer by storing it on it's side.

Did you know that storing the markers sideways is actually the BEST way to preserve the ink and marker? I used to always store mine with the tip pointing down, but not anymore! They always lay on their side, now.  No more dry markers!

3. Sock Erasers

Save time and money by storing markers in old socks. Each student gets a sock with a marker inside when it's time for EXPO marker fun! Throw them in a sock and store them together to use the sock as an eraser. Now you only have one thing to pass out.

4. Washi Tape

Mark your teacher EXPO markers with washi tape and never worry about them walking off again!Mark them with washi tape to know which are your teacher markers and which are kid markers. No more markers that grow legs and walk-off!

If you are looking for the best EXPO marker out there, the new ink indicator markers are my absolute favorite! Not only do they write with those same three widths of lines we all love and still are low-odor, but they tell me when they are running out of ink with their clear end barrel. Do you mean no more guessing? Yes, please! They come in six fabulous colors and you can find them on Amazon HERE.

Save your EXPO markers and make your teacher life easier with these 4 EXPO marker hacks!

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A big thanks to Expo for sponsoring this post! I received compensation and/or free product from EXPO for this post.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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