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8 Powerful Classroom Management Strategies Every Elementary Teacher Needs

When it came to being a teacher, one area that I felt confident in was classroom management. Little did I know, this is something that would have to change constantly. There are so many different styles of classroom management strategies and areas that needed “management” that I didn’t even realize! I’m pretty sure I have […]

7 Top Tips for Successful and Stress-Free Field Trips

Field trips were always the highlight of my students’ year! They make such a big impact on each student’s school experience and are so memorable. While we get to enjoy exposing our little learners to some new experiences, field trips don’t come with hassle and headaches. Did everyone turn in their permission slips and money? […]

9 Back-to-School Freebies for Kinder and First Grade

When you think of the back-to-school season, you probably think of decorating your classroom, labeling everything with students’ names, participating in professional development, contacting parents, and prepping for Meet the Teacher Night. There is so much to do! To help make this school year a bit easier, I put together a list of my favorite […]

13 Christmas Minute to Win It Games for the Classroom

When it comes to holiday classroom parties, do you prefer a free for all style of party or a calmer, more organized party? I am all about keeping classroom parties simple, making them easy to manage, and letting parents help as much as possible. One way to bring some (organized) fun in the classroom no […]

15 Must-Try Brain Breaks for K-1 Students

Have you been in the middle of teaching a great lesson and you start seeing several students getting wiggly? Then you might see them start to look up, around, and everywhere except at you. And before you know it, half the class is just not focused and engaged, and you’re doing more redirecting than teaching. […]

6 Tips for Managing Literacy Centers at End of the Year

Literacy centers have such a special place in the classroom. Students love stations that are meaningful, engaging, and purposeful. When a teacher is managing literacy centers well, guided reading can happen without with minimal distractions. Literacy centers can be powerful! Students get to read and write while participating in meaningful literacy experiences. Students get to […]

New Year’s Activities for Kids in the Classroom

Oh, a fresh start! While I truly believe there is nothing magical about a new year, it’s hard to deny that there is something about a fresh start and turning the page to a new year. Adults and kids both enjoy a fresh start, right? The fresh start is a great time to look at […]

5 Fun Games for Classroom Holiday Parties on Zoom

If there is any word associated with 2020, it’s “unprecedented”. I think I have heard that word so much that it doesn’t even carry the weight that it once did. Classroom holiday parties on Zoom are no different, friends. Really, have you ever had to have your classroom holiday party on Zoom? I know it’s […]

Tips for a Successful Virtual Parent-Teacher Conference {Freebies}

How do parent conferences make you feel – excited, nervous, or stressed? I used to be a blend of nervousness and excitement. Before each conference, I’d get the anxious feeling in my stomach and worry about upsetting a parent. I also would be excited, though, because this was my chance to show how much I […]

6 Excellent Back to School Read Alouds for Distance Learning

One of my favorite parts of the back to school season is picking out my interactive read alouds for the beginning of the year. I love getting to spend quality time modeling how to read and sharing how a good reader thinks. But most of all, I love the bits I learn about my students […]

How to Set Up a Learning Space for Successful Distance Learning

Part of classroom management this fall might look a little different than every other year. Normally, you hang up your alphabet chart. Set up your word wall. Plan out seating arrangements that build a positive classroom community. This year, you might find yourself needing to help families set up a learning space at home for […]

8 Get to Know You Games for Distance Learning

Get to know you games for distance learning to build a positive classroom community. If you found out that you will be teaching remotely this fall, I’m sure you have a lot on your plate. You’ve probably figured out how to run your online learning platform. You have mastered Zoom and Loom. You may even […]

6 Steps to Launching Guided Reading During Distance Learning

With many districts around the country opting in for some form of distance learning again this fall, it’s time to really dig in and pivot our teaching practices to serve our students. What about guided reading? How do we launch guided reading while distance learning? I wanted to help you map out a plan to […]

12 Top Tips for a First Year Kindergarten Teacher

Preparing for the school year as first year kindergarten teacher can be overwhelming. I was told that many veteran teachers wish they could go back and apologize to their first class when they look back on their first year teaching. I don’t want that to be you! Not only are you brand new, but so […]

How to Make Parent Communication While Distance Learning Easier

For most of us this school year, distance learning is a real possibility. With that comes several obstacles that teachers may face. One of them is how to manage parent communication while distance learning. I wanted to help you brainstorm a few ways to effectively communicate with parents so they can stay involved in their […]

Tips for a Virtual Meet the Teacher

If your school district has already planned to have a virtual meet the teacher night, you might be a bit frazzled trying to figure out what to do. I get it – we normally use meet the teacher night to start putting together names and faces and get a pulse on our students for the […]

10 Must-Have Tools for Distance Learning

We all know that teachers and students both need a variety of tools handy for successful learning in the classroom, but what about distance learning? What tools do teachers and students need for successful remote learning? I know as teachers, we constantly search for the best ideas and items to help our students. I wanted […]

9 Tips for Making Literacy Stations Safer

With August right around the corner, schools may be starting back with in-person instruction options. I have a feeling this year will look much different than previous years, but I think we can still implement some of the basics of our day that we all know and love…and need. I wanted to help you brainstorm […]

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