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December 12, 2020

5 Fun Games for Classroom Holiday Parties on Zoom

If there is any word associated with 2020, it’s “unprecedented”. I think I have heard that word so much that it doesn’t even carry the weight that it once did. Classroom holiday parties on Zoom are no different, friends. Really, have you ever had to have your classroom holiday party on Zoom?

I know it’s not the same and that the holiday season brings about a new wave of grief in all that 2020 has brought, but I also know that doing something that brings JOY to the kids and within yourself is so wonderful for everyone!

My wheels have been spinning with ways that are SIMPLE for K-2 kids to celebrate, even during distance learning! Here are 5 games for your classroom holiday parties on Zoom!

Host a Holiday Scavenger Hunt

One fun activity is to do a holiday or winter scavenger hunt! You can name things and students can either have 20 seconds to find them and bring them back, or they can take the screen with them!

I encourage you to be mindful that not everyone will have decor so think outside the box! Here are some ideas:

  • baking supply
  • a Santa
  • a tree ornament that starts with the letter b
  • something red
  • something green
  • something with the word snow (could be a snowman, book title, snow boot, snow jacket, or actual snow!)
  • something to feed a reindeer
  • something that keeps you warm

iSpy Slides

Everyone loves a fun iSpy game! Load up a Google Slide with all kinds of holiday images and then have kids practice using descriptive language to describe something while others have to search for it! Have kids guess in the chat or raise their hand and get called on.

Name That Tune

Pull out your favorite holiday songs from Pandora, Spotify, or even Koo Koo Kangaroos! Play 2 seconds of the song and then let kids guess! You can have them unmute OR type it in the chat! If no one gets it after 2 seconds, play a tiny bit more. This is sure to have them dancing, smiling, and singing along!

CLICK HERE to grab my list on Spotify!

Vixen Bingo

If you don’t have my FREE Reindeer Party kit, then grab it now! In there is a Vixen Bingo game. You can snip it and send them to kids digitally in a Google Slides format with circles on the side for them to click and drag. You can even just send them ALL the options and let them pick their cards!

If you are able, you can do porch drop-off or school pickups for the supplies! Kids can use dry beans, coins, erasers, or noodles at home to play!

Virtual Holiday Fish Bowl

While charades can feel intimidating, this is a way to work your way into charades that is super fun! Playing Fish Bowl is always a hit for both kids and adults! There are 3 rounds in which you try to get others to guess your word or phrase 1- Like Catch Phrase using words and actions. 2- Only acting it out. 3- Using only ONE WORD.

Here is how to play!

  1. Everyone sends you a private chat message with a word or phrase! Tell them to be creative because you don’t want duplicates. This is the list that you will pull from!
  2. Next, send a private chat message to the child telling them what to act out for round 1.
  3. Start a 2 minute timer. Then, students will unmute and guess as the person acts it out.
  4. When the timer ends, reveal the word/phrase if no one has gotten it.
  5. Allow another student to go!
  6. Repeat for rounds 2 and 3! For Round 3, they get 1 minute since all the words/phrases have been told already!

You can do:

  • people
  • characters
  • places
  • things
  • movies
  • and even songs!

If you want to share the category as a clue, you can! I love all of the creative ways that kids act things out with these games! It always brings a smile and a burst of confidence!

Though this year has looked far different than expected on January 1, 2020, you can still make the most of your classroom holiday parties on Zoom and bring smiles to kids’ faces. As my child’s teacher says, “There are still good things happening at school!”

pin it

If you are just getting started with using Zoom, I have a Zoom tutorial HERE! Maybe you are looking for some end of year celebration ideas to pin for later. You can find those HERE.

I would love to hear if you have any other ideas for Zoom holiday parties. We are all in this together – let’s collaborate! Share your ideas in the comments or in my Facebook Group.

Happy Teaching,


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  1. Thanks for this. We are remote now and we weren’t sure what to do. This gives us easy ways to celebrate that the kids will think are fun.

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