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December 13, 2015

Reindeer Holiday Party FREEBIE

The end is so close, dear friends! Most of you have one more week with your sweet babies and then you get a well-deserved break!  But before that can happen, there is a holiday party you need to pull off. 😉 I have been loving ALL things reindeer this season so I dreamed up how fun a reindeer themed holiday party could be! I threw together this Reindeer Party FREEBIE for you so that you could have some reindeer fun in your classroom!

Reindeer Treats

Everyone loves a little reindeer treat, especially when it’s party time! I took the ever-popular Puppy Dog Chow recipe, and created a Reindeer Chow mix! You can find the recipe I followed here for the Puppy Dog Chow. I added red and green M&Ms for some holiday fun. This reindeer treat is great to make ahead of time for your party! Grab the cute tag in the FREEBIE.

TIP: If you can’t use peanut butter, try Sunflower Butter! My own kids love it just the same as an allergy-free alternative!

Another tasty treat that is definitely not a “make-ahead” treat is a Root DEER Float! All you need is your favorite soda, vanilla ice cream, cherries for Rudolph’s nose, candy canes for the reindeer antlers, and clear cups!! This is always a favorite! The recipe is inside the Reindeer Games FREEBIE.

For a sweet treat to take home, simply add some reindeer noses to a Ziploc baggie. Use the FREE baggie topper inside the download and you’ll be set!

Reindeer Banner

Your party decor doesn’t have to be difficult! My favorite thing to do is make a simple banner! Print it on red paper, hole punch it, and then string it on your favorite ribbon or bakers twine! Grab the free banner HERE.

You can read some more party tips HERE.

Reindeer Games

No party is complete without fun games…especially Reindeer Games! Each of these games is simple to create, cost next to nothing, and use materials that you have in your classroom (or home craft closet) more than likely.

The first game is Vixen Bingo! I’m sure you have played sight word bingo or doubles addition bingo in the past. Simply print the game, cut the cards out, add your favorite math manipulative, or even some candy, and you are set!

The second Reindeer Game I have for you is Reindeer Ring Toss! You guys, this is what you call a CHEAP party game!


  • Narrow box, or paper box lid
  • Twigs from your yard
  • brown construction paper
  • eyes and nose printable from HERE
  • 6 pipe cleaners
  • glue stick
  • scissors
  1. Glue the eyes and nose onto the brown paper.
  2. Glue the paper onto the face of the box.
  3. Using the scissors, make holes in the top of the box for the antlers.
  4. Stick the sticks in.
  5. Twist together two pipe cleaners to form one ring. Repeat for the other two rings.
  6. Play!

Pin the Nose on Rudolph is a fun, low prep game, too! Print out the template, color it if you’d like, print out the numbered noses, grab a blindfold and see how can get the closest to pin the nose on Rudolph!

Reindeer Photo Booth

As my kids get older each year, I treasure the pictures their teachers took the time to take and send home more and more. What more fun can a reindeer photo be of your little learners? Grab these FREE Reindeer Photo Booth materials and you’ll be set for some photo fun!

Tip: This would make a great parent gift, too! You can put it inside a dollar store frame!

Parent Letter

All parents like to help as much as they can and providing opportunities for them to help is KEY. No one likes to feel left out and everyone likes to feel helpful. Send home this parent letter to get donations for the class party and see who is available to help this time. Not all parents are always able to help, but letting them gracefully bow out and not feel like there won’t be another chance to help is really important to me.

Get the parent letter inside the Reindeer Games FREEBIE.

Ready to plan your own?! Everything you need to play the games, instructions for the reindeer treats, photo booth props, and the parent letter are all right here for you! I hope you and your sweet little ones enjoy your week!!

Click the image above to grab it!

pin it

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  7. Thank you so much for sharing all of these print-ables and ideas for FREE! You have provided great relief for me in helping with my daughter’s classroom party!

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