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December 16, 2015

4 Tips for a Simple Classroom Party

Classroom parties can be the highlight of the day for the kids, but a headache for you, the teacher.  They simply do not have to be that bad! Let’s be honest–as much as we know the kids love them, they are work for you. Planning for them, cleaning up your classroom because parents are coming, helping the students stay calm, and then praying that they aren’t on a sugar high for the rest of the day! As I sat and reflected back on my successful classroom parties, 4 things came to mind.

4 Tips for a Simple Classroom Party-Must Read!! I love the fourth one. We all need that reminder for our classroom parties sometimes!

1. Cover your tables with paper!

This makes for simple classroom clean up AND it serves as colorful decoration! I usually used butcher paper, but you could always use fun wrapping paper you grabbed from the dollar store! It’s also is a fun little activity to let the kids color and decorate the table covers!

2. Utilize the help you have on hand!

Lots of times parents like to come to the celebrations.  This is awesome! They are always willing to help out so let them! Read a book and have fun with your kids while parents fill plates with food or set up crafts.

3. Keep the students informed of the day’s schedule!

Party days are usually early dismissals, which means everyone has to cram in the lunchroom before the half day is over.  This throws everything off! Post the schedule so that they know what is ahead and when things are happening.

4. K.I.S.S.-Keep It Simple, Silly!

Don’t try to have a Pinterest perfect party.  That game you planned wasn’t as awesome as you thought? Kids are crazy out of control? Do the best you can and just roll with it. Have fun with your kids and they will have a memorable time! That’s what is most important!

Are you looking for more classroom party ideas? Be sure to follow my Classroom Parties Pinterest board!
4 Tips for a Simple Classroom Party-Must Read!! I love these ideas, especially number 4! We all need that reminder for our classroom parties sometimes! #ClassroomParties #ClassroomManagement

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