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November 5, 2018

Teaching Science in November

Friends, I don’t know about you, but I think fall is such a fun time in the classroom! Teaching science in November is one of my favorites. I want to share what I have up my sleeve for you guys for this month. My First Grade Science for November unit is jam-packed with engaging and quality lessons to teach your little scientists effectively. The topics covered for this month are:

Tackle science in November with these fun science topics! From a pumpkin unit, to a seasons unit, to weather activities, and turkeys, your little learners are sure to be engaged! Try these activities in your first grade classroom today!
Tackle science in November with these fun science topics! From a pumpkin unit, to a seasons unit, to weather activities, and turkeys, your little learners are sure to be engaged! Try these activities in your first grade classroom today!

To help keep you organized, the unit includes a full curriculum map as well as a detailed weekly guide that walks you through your science time each day. I’ll show you how to map out your science block and which activities to do when. Easy peasy!

Science Experiments

This unit contains three science experiments so your learners will get plenty of hands-on opportunities. For each experiment, I always include a teacher poster to help explain things to your students, detailed directions, and recording pages. Investigations are a fun way to let your students experience something new!

This pumpkin experiment is perfect for exploring sinking and floating with your little learners! Use this science experiment to introduce the concept or to simply dig deeper!
If you are looking for a science experiment to complete during a weather unit, this one is perfect! It explores cold and warm air in a visual way. This is a great weather experiment for your first grade learners!

I like to use the scientific method to guide my students through the experiments. You can grab your FREE scientific method posters HERE!

Grab these FREE scientific method posters for your little scientists to reference during science experiments.

Interactive Notebooks

Interactive notebooks are another wonderful way to have your students document their learning. I included options for each week that you can easily use with the notebook like flip books, pocket books, and sorts. You can find some tips HERE for implementing interactive science notebooks.

Using interactive notebooks helps engage learners and encourage them to take ownership! This fall flip up book is perfect for your fall unit for first grade.

Anchor Charts

If you hang around here often, you know I love anchor charts! There are two anchor charts for each week you can create with your students. They are a great way to help students connect prior learning with new learning, document thinking, and keep learning visible and accessible.  I included some teacher notes and an example for each chart so you’ll know exactly what to do!

This interactive anchor chart is perfect for a seasons unit. First grade students will explore each season and determine what we need and do during each season.
This KWL chart about turkeys is the perfect way to make learning visual. Use this with first grade students as you explore all about turkeys during your turkey unit.

Integrating Science in November

Because science is a great subject to integrate with literacy, I included several ways for you to do that throughout the month. Many of these activities can be done not only in a whole group lesson setting, but in literacy centers, during morning work, and could be used if students finish something else early.

  • Shared Reading – This element of the balanced literacy classroom is when the students and teacher practice together. You can read more about it HERE. There’s a shared reading song/poem for each week with a detailed weekly lesson plan for it.
    Integrating reading into science is so much fun for our first grade students! They will enjoy learning about the parts of weather while singing and sorting blends.
  • Close Reading Passages – Close reading passages integrate science, reading comprehension, vocabulary, and writing all in one short passage. This is a great way to extend learning and read for an authentic purpose. Good news – you can get the year-long close reading passages for FREE when you purchase the First Grade Science for the Year Bundle.
    Explore seasons with this close reading activity for your first graders. Grab is FREE by signing up on the email list.
Grab this seasons set by joining my email list!

  • Writing Craftivities – For the pumpkin and turkey units, there is a writing craftivity for your students. They will love getting to be crafty with a purpose! Writing about learning helps solidify a strong foundation and show that they have mastered the skills and concepts needed.
    Get your students writing about turkeys with this turkey craft. They will learn all about turkeys in the turkey unit created for first grade students!

Phew! I know that sounds like a lot, but I wanted you to have absolutely everything you would need to teach science in November. When you purchase the First Grade Science for November, you will be totally set and ready to go – no matter if you’re a classroom teacher or a homeschool teacher!  Finally, if you want to save big, you can purchase the first-grade science bundle for the whole year HERE.

Science for November is filled with activities to engage your first grade students! From pumpkins, to weather, to turkeys, to seasons, there are 4 weeks of engaging activities to help integrate science and create excitement!

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If you have any questions, just let me know! I’m always happy to help!

Happy Teaching,


Mega Read Aloud List

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