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February 23, 2015

Learning All About Birds Unit: Engaging Activities and Ideas

If your science lesson plans are struggling a bit, listen up! Teaching your students all about birds in a fun bird unit can bring science to life in. your classroom. I have a few fun ways to also integrate science into literacy so that you can reinforce these skills all day long.

I’m excited to share some fun activities and ideas to try out in your bird unit. If you want this unit of study all planned out for you, check out my All About Birds resource.

Bird Unit Graphic Organizers

One great way to help students understand concepts you need them to learn about birds is to use anchor charts and graphic organizers. These can be flip up books, flip books, bubble maps, or anything else that reinforces what you’re teaching.

You can even take these pieces and put them into your students’ interactive science notebooks so they can refer back to them, too!

Anchor charts are another great activity that also reinforces learning, makes the learning process visible, and serves as a reference tool for learners.

Use Hands-On Activities

My students always loved any kind of activity that was hands-on. Whether it be a science experiment, sorting activity, or pocket chart activity, they loved getting to move pieces around to show their thinking and learning.

You could have students sort facts that are true and not true about birds in a simple pocket book sort! This could also serve as a self-assessment to see how they are doing!

Use Engaging Videos to Help Introduce Your Bird Unit

Introduce your bird unit with engaging videos like this one! You can also reinforce learning throughout the week with different videos as an attention-getter before you begin your science block each day.

Integrate Science and Literacy

If you struggle with squeezing science in during the day, consider integrating it into reading and writing to give students more exposure and opportunities to learn the material.

One way to do this is through writing craftivities. Students can create a bird and write several bird facts they learned.

Another way to integrate science and literacy is through mini-books. Students can use interactive mini-books to practice both reading skills and reinforce science concepts.

All About Birds Unit

Friends, if you want to have your bird unit already planned for you, check out my All About Birds resource. It is packed with everything you’ll need to teach your students about birds including:

  • Unit Teaching Plan
  • Introducing Birds
  • Birds Teaching Posters
  • Graphic Organizers and Labeling Recording Pages
  • Flip Books
  • Pocket Chart Sort
  • 11 Different Bird Teaching Posters and Flip Books
  • Life Cycle Activities
  • Bird Facts Pocket Book Sort
  • All About Birds Science Experiment
  • All About Birds Anchor Charts
  • Unit Assessment

Plus Literacy Resources!!

  • All About Birds Read Aloud Suggestions
  • All About Birds Shared Reading
  • Shared Reading Phonics Student Activity Sheets
  • All About Birds Mini-Book
  • All About Birds Writing Craftivity

Grab your All About Birds resource today and be totally set for a fun, engaging week with your little scientists!

Studying the characteristics of birds is made engaging, fun, and interactive with these bird activities for little learners! Homeschoolers, kindergarteners, and first graders will love this bird unit! #birdunit #birdscience #kindergarten #firstgrade #homeschool #scienceteacher

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