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September 26, 2020

Read a Thon: An Easy School Fundraising Idea

School supplies add up quickly. Field trips are an extra expense for families that not all families can’t afford. Extra treats for teachers to help lift their spirits can be expensive. Pencils, paper, leveled readers, glue sticks, and this year hand sanitizer and all the cleaning things simply add up to a high price quickly. With all the supplies and extras that are needed for school, school fundraising is a must. Searching through hundreds of school fundraising ideas to find one that doesn’t overwhelm teachers and students can be even trickier.

Teachers, I want to share with you a simple fundraising idea that I KNOW your school can be successful with. No more door-to-door. No more selling overpriced chocolate. No more selling wrapping paper (though I do love that wrapping paper!) Read-a-Thon is THE WAY to go.

Why You Should Use Read-a-Thon

With everything on your plate as a teacher, parent, spouse, etc. no one needs one more thing. I love that Read-a-Thon lays everything out for you. They lay out the emails, social media posts, and you just simply copy and paste for your students and their families.

It’s also a SAFE way to fundraise during this craziness of a pandemic. No one has to worry because everything can be done in a few steps on a computer, without having to be face to face with people who are at risk. Everyone is able to safely participate in this school fundraising idea!

How the Read-a-Thon School Fundraiser Idea Works

First, sign up! It’s free and easy! You can do that HERE!

Next, share the information with your students and their families! Their job is to gather donations for the time they will read. Do you remember Jump Rope for Heart when we were in elementary school? We would get pledges based on the amount of time we would jump. This works very similar except the donations made are a flat donation. You can take a look at what things look like from that side of things, too.

Next, students will read whatever they choose at home and log their time. The online system keeps track of everything! Simply read and log your time! Are students reading as a part of their homework? If so, this is a double win! For some great ways to support reading at home, check out this blog post!

Finally, your school will earn money just by the kids reading and families and friends supporting their reading! Schools can earn 75-80% JUST by reading! There are a few different plans to choose from and they are all easy to understand. Gather your team and decide what is best for your school and community!

I know this year is tough and school funding is not at all what we need it to be for teachers or students. Read-a-Thon is one of the best school fundraising ideas and is EASY! You can have businesses, families, and friends support readers! I can’t think of a better way to help schools than this simple school fundraiser idea! If you want more information on how it works, go HERE!

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