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October 14, 2012

Patterns and A Little Reading

This week was a short week for us.  We had parent conferences on Monday morning and then staff development in the afternoon. (I was honored to present on guided reading and I. LOVED. IT.  I loved helping teachers.  We had SUCH great conversation and many wonderful questions were asked.)  It was 7 kinds of crazy!  The day flew by and then the rest of the week seemed SOO slow! Ya know that feeling, right??

This week we reviewed repeating patterns and learned about additive patterns (growing patterns).  I’m telling ya’ll, I have a bright group of kiddos!  They totally got it! Here are some pictures of their additive patterns they made as we discussed that not all additive patterns are linear.

We had a wonderful day on Tuesday so we finally earned our iTouches!!! The kids were thrilled and the noise level went down like crazy!! 

We are hittin’ guided reading head on now! I’m really being challenged by these smart kids! I don’t know how to teach anything other than K or 1 so these high readers are beginning to scare me!  During guided reading, we love to wear our “reading glasses”.  They definitely make a difference!

We worked on retelling the story across our fingers during reader’s workshop.

(Is there a certain order for this? I told the kids First, Next, Then, After, Finally….then when I wrote it, I switched Then and After.  I am just now noticing that!)

I couldn’t resist showing you these words that my kids made and were SO proud of! I let them use my phone to snap a picture, which they thought was awesome! Can you read them?

Here is one last picture from my crazy weekends lately.  I was at my high school homecoming game! Small town traditions! Every other year (yes, that is not a typo) we have homecoming and everyone comes back to enjoy the events all weekend.  It was fun! {Can you believe I’m wearing orange??}

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  1. Super cute anchor chart! I just googled additive patterns and I found this post. We are starting it this week! Your littles are super smarties! Love it!

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