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September 22, 2012

Graphing FREEBIE!

Each week that goes by I stop and say, “Man, this week is so much better than the last!”  After 4 weeks  my sweet friends are becoming more familiar with our “guidelines for success” and procedures.  It’s nice.  They are learning that I mean business!, but they are also no afraid to get out of their seat and dang a jig when the pump up music comes on in the morning announcements!

The last two weeks have been doing a lot of graphing.  We made class graphs as a whole group and made graphs using Natalie’s Great Graphs unit.  You guys need to use it! They are controlled, so it’s nice to know ahead of time that questions will work.  Also, it’s only $3! No, I don’t know her and she didn’t ask me to share, but I wanted to because it was a great unit!

We made a whole class shoe graph using the real items. 
Then we transferred it to paper to make a pictograph. 

We also used a few things to make anchor charts using my graphing labels from last year. Grab them if you can use them.  They are FREE!

We spent most of our time last week and a few days this week creating our own graphs.  It went like this:
Day 1: Develop your question and gather your data ( I learned really quick that it was much easier if they asked a two answer question. (yes or no, 6 or 7, cats or dogs, etc.)

Day 2: Graph your data
Day 3: Analyze your data
Day 4: Piece it all together.
Day 5: Add the labels to the parts of the graph.

I was very proud of how my friends did!! They turned out great!

You can grab THIS freebie and make your own, too.

I will definitely be using this next year because then we won’t spend more than 1 week on it. I have become a stickler about my teaching time.  I need EVERY minute! Sometimes, things just need to go faster than the kids want them to! 🙂

Ya’ll, no lie…it took us a WHILE and I have some smart cookies!

Come back later this weekend! I’m almost done with my Comparing Number to 30 mini-unit and I have a few things to share on Weather. 🙂

I’m linking up with Teaching My 3 for a Fall Blog Hop! HAPPY FALL! Go check out and grab the freebies!

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  1. I love the various ways that you utilized graphing. The students will never forget taking off a shoe and making a graph with it. Making it relevant to them….great idea!

  2. I found your blog through the hop! Newest follower here:) I hope you’ll stop by my blogs when you get a chance:) Your graphing looks GREAT!

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