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April 16, 2016

ABC End of Year Countdown FREEBIES

The end of the school year can be such a whirl! It always seems like from spring break on, I am running the 400m sprint and it’s definitely not a relay. Ha! One thing we loved to do was make the last 24-26 days fun and exciting! We created an ABC End of Year Countdown that helped things stay new, and exciting, with a little bit of an academic focus around each “theme”. 

Each day we focused on something different, but we didn’t make that the focus for the WHOLE day.  Sure, there were a few days that were silly, but the academic ones were not an all-day thing by any means.  This was also a great incentive for the students to work toward at the end of the day and look forward to! As we all know, behavior can be tricky during the last few weeks.

End of Year Countdown List

First, we used the FREE ABC Countdown list to count down the list 24-26 days of school. I have a range there because depending on our schedule, sometimes we would combine some days. I tried to pick some activities that were fun and (somewhat) academic. 

You can use my countdown list or create your own! 

ABC Countdown Journal

We also took some time either at the end of each day or first thing the next morning to write about that day’s activity. You can easily make almost any activity academic by integrating writing. It can also serve as a memory book for your students to document their end of year activities. 

Snag this FREE ABC Countdown Writing Journal HERE.

Looking for more End of the Year fun?

Help students document their school year with this memory book of pictures. They can draw selfie pictures of their favorite school activities from throughout the year!

The End of the Year Flip Up Book is the perfect little activity for your students to be engaged as they finish out the year! This activity easily integrates writing as they reflect on the school year.

The Pineapple End of Year Writing Craft is perfect for your students to self-assess their own writing! For each writing convention, the students earn a part of their pineapple. It’s the perfect way to integrate some meaningful writing and be purposeful with an adorable craft at the end of the year! 

I hope these freebies and end of year activities will help you keep students engaged, encourage learning through the last day, and make it easy to manage all of your students while they’re super excited!

If you’re looking for more end of the year activities and ideas, check out my post 10 End of Year Activities to Save Your Sanity (With FREEBIES)!

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