How to Teach Synthesizing: Helpful Books and Lesson Ideas

An important component of reading comprehension is the ability to synthesize or draw from multiple sources to gain new information. If you teach reading strategies, chances are you’ve heard this term before, but what exactly does it mean for our young readers? And how can you help students learn this skill? Learning how to teach […]

Morphology: What It Is and Why It’s Important for Teachers

One morning, I had a conversation with my four year old that reminded me about why morphology is important. It went a little something like this…  Daughter: “Mom, Mrs. Miller is the kinder teacher I’ve ever met.” Me: After thinking for a minute. “Are you saying Mrs. Miller is the most kind teacher you have […]

How to Support Pre-Readers in Reading Small Groups | The Science of Reading

When it comes to the science of reading, we’ve all been hearing about the need to support our students with research-backed instruction. But what about pre-readers? How do we support pre-readers with the science of reading? When you’re meeting with your reading small groups, how can we continue to support pre-readers and move them towards […]