Professional Development

How to Prevent the Summer Slide in Reading {7 Ideas}

How do we prevent the summer slide in reading? You’ve worked so hard all year long to help your students build a strong foundation in reading and phonics. Studies have shown students can lose critical reading skills over the summer. With summer quickly approaching, now is the time to start thinking about how your students […]

ABC End of Year Countdown FREEBIES

The end of the school year can be such a whirl! It always seems like from spring break on, I am running the 400m sprint and it’s definitely not a relay. Ha! One thing we loved to do was make the last 24-26 days fun and exciting! We created an ABC End of Year Countdown […]

Summer Bucket List

Partnering with parents is important as teachers! This end of year bucket list FREEBIE is great to help parents support what happened in the classroom throughout the summer!

Summer break is wonderful for so many reasons, but it also can be so hard for so many of our little learners.  Many times the lack of structure, routine, and the many unknowns make it tough for them.  Often times, students’ first response isn’t to pick up a book or play a math game.  Parents […]

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