5 Reasons Why Name Recognition Activities Benefit Kindergarten Students

When you think of the typical kindergarten classroom decor, what comes to mind? You may think of bright colors, fun books, and expectation charts. You probably also think of cute name charts, often with students’ pictures next to their names. That’s because young children’s literacy foundations include name recognition activities. Recognizing our names is one […]

15 Must-Try Brain Breaks for K-1 Students

Have you been in the middle of teaching a great lesson and you start seeing several students getting wiggly? Then you might see them start to look up, around, and everywhere except at you. And before you know it, half the class is just not focused and engaged, and you’re doing more redirecting than teaching. […]

Must-Try Magnet Activities for Your Next Science Magnet Unit

Students always love the week in science where we dive into exploring magnets. I loved that it was a great way to really introduce science topics with hands-on magnet activities and explore like scientists. It’s such a great introductory unit to do in the beginning of the year! Today I want to share some of […]