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Holidays Around the World: Activities for Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Christmas

When it comes to teaching all about holidays around the world in December, it can be tough to make sure you teach them effectively and with accuracy. From researching each holiday to finding age-appropriate activities to sourcing great read alouds, there’s a ton to do for each holiday. It’s just overwhelming. Well not anymore, friend! […]

19 Books to Celebrate and Teach Christmas Around the World

Every December, my students and I would create an amazing staycation in our classroom by learning about Christmas around the world. We would do traditional crafts, learn songs, and even try different foods. One of my favorite ways to introduce this topic is through books about Christmas around the world traditions. The holiday season not […]

8 Christmas Read Alouds Your Class Will Love

With the holidays near, I always found myself enjoying read alouds in the classroom more than ever. Even now, I find myself enjoying Christmas read alouds with my kids at home more often. There is just something warm, cozy, and inviting about enjoying a book together. Not to mention, all of the benefits and power […]

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