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February 8, 2020

The Best Valentine’s Day Party Pack | Games, Printables, Crafts, & More

Does your classroom Valentine’s Day party sneak up on you? I always knew it was coming, but somehow, I still felt unprepared. This was especially true when I didn’t have a room mom to help me plan it all. Besides the party planning, I was usually knee-deep with everything from helping struggling readers to working with students who had RTI plans, and I didn’t like feeling like I was throwing something together last minute. 

I wanted to be less stressed and have my students enjoy the holiday. So, I decided to put together the ultimate Valentine’s Day party pack filled with everything I’d need to celebrate this holiday! Let’s jump into what’s included in it and my favorite party tips. 

Prepping for the Valentine’s Day Party

I know writing letters to parents for any class party can feel like just one more thing to do, so I included a parent letter in the Valentine’s Day Party Pack so you can check it off your list! There is also a class list template to make sharing students’ names with each other super simple. 

Teacher tip: One of my favorite ways to enlist volunteers for parties and ask for party donations is to use SignUp Genius. It keeps track of who has volunteered or signed up to bring an item in real-time. You can ask for specific items or allow people to fill in their own items, too. I shared more about it in my post HERE. Parents want to help, so include them by asking them to do specific and helpful things for the party. 

Valentine’s Day Party Decorations

I love a perfectly decorated themed party, but I learned I needed to make the most out of my decor in the classroom. I decided to keep party decorations simple yet have a big impact.

One of my favorite party tips is to decorate the tables with paper. It makes clean up a breeze and adds pops of color. I usually used butcher paper, but you can also grab wrapping paper at the dollar store. Check out my other favorite party tips HERE.

I also used craftivities that matched the party theme to help decorate. The Valentine’s Day Party Pack includes two engaging crafts for students to do. They can then be used to display around the classroom as decorations or put onto valentine card boxes. You can also have students complete some writing (their favorite thing about Valentine’s Day, how to be a good friend, etc.) and attach it to the crafts.  

Finally, the party pack also has an adorable lovebug party hat. It’s perfect to make ahead of time, maybe during morning work, and let students wear them the day of the party. 

Check out my post Classroom Parties on a Dime for more helpful tips on saving money on decorations for classroom parties.  

Fun and Easy Party Games

I know how much planning we teachers do, so I wanted to make planning for party games as simple as possible. The party pack has four games that are perfect for the primary classroom:

  • Valentine’s Day Bingo
  • Valentine Word Mix-Up Race
  • Blinded by Love
  • Pin the Heart on Cupid

The best part of these games is that they require little to no prep! Just print, cut, and gather supplies! These four games were always so fun (but not too rowdy), and my students loved them. You can set them up in four stations use parent volunteers to help you run them. 

If you’re looking for more non-themed party games, check out my post The Top 11 Minute to Win It Games for Classrooms. It has games that are easy to implement in kindergarten, first, and second grade. Plus, it has a FREE download with a list of all of the games and directions to make setting up simple. 

Party Snack Printable and a Recipe

One thing I tried to do for valentines for my students was to come up with something that wasn’t candy. I included four snack bag toppers in the Valentine’s Day Party Pack to make planning your students’ valentines a breeze. Just pick one that you love for your students, staple on the topper, and you’re totally set!

I also included a delicious Sweetheart Smoothie recipe. This was always a favorite in my classroom! Plus, I felt like it was a healthy option to offer. I loved to make it in the classroom with my students. You can also make it ahead of time and keep it chilled or have a parent come to school before the party starts and make it for you. 

If you want to make your Valentine’s Day party a blast but have minimal prep for you, then the Valentine’s Day Party Pack is for you! 

Other teachers who have already used this in their classrooms are saying, 

“We don’t have a room mom in my self contained sped room, so this product really helped us out!”

“This was everything I needed to plan our party quickly.”

“Great activities! We wore the love bug hats for an all-school assembly and we were quite the big hit!”

pin it

Click HERE to grab yours today and be totally set for Valentine’s Day!

p.s. Check out THIS POST for another great Valentine’s Day freebie!

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