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May 13, 2019

Using AirTable as a Teacher

I recently came across a newer website (and app) called AirTable. Using AirTable in the classroom could be a game changer in a few areas. Because itโ€™s a cloud-based system, you can access your bases (spreadsheets or files) from anywhere.  AirTable lets you customize just about everything in it, which makes it great to use it in a variety of ways as a teacher. Check out these five tips for AirTable for Teachers.

Lesson Planning with AirTable

I recently did a whole post on lesson planning ideas with AirTable. You can find it HERE. There are so many different ways you can use this program to plan. One big bonus is the ability to share plans with others. If you work with a collaborative teaching team, need to inform special education teachers of your plans, or just need to send in weekly plans to your supervisor, you can do it very easily with AirTable. Check out the post for all of the details!

To Do Lists with AirTable

With AirTable, you can manage multiple to-do lists and even link them together. They can be simple (task, date, and a box to check when the task is complete) or very complex. AirTable has several base templates you can choose that do more complex things like move checked off tasks to the bottom and sort all tasks by priority type or date. You could make a temporary to-do list to share with a group of coworkers if you are working on a project together. Then you can even assign certain tasks to certain people. Choose how you sort tasks (date, priority, by person, etc.) to make it easier to see what you need to do.

Continuing Education Tracking with AirTable

Do you have a file of certificates you have to save to renew your teaching certificate? Friends, AirTable simplifies tracking continuing education hours! This might be one of my favorite ways to use it. Make a simple base that easily shows you all of your training and allows you to upload a photo of your certificate. Snap a photo of your paper ones with your phone and drop it in the base. So simple!

RTI Data Tracking with AirTable

Tracking RTI data can be overwhelming! One neat way to use AirTable in the classroom is to organize your RTI data and evidence. Keep up with pre and post-assessments, interventions and dates, and student samples all in one place. You can snap a photo of assessments or intervention results and store them there, too. I love that because AirTable is cloud-based, I can access this information anywhere I might need it.

Organizing Read Alouds with AirTable

Keep track of all of your read-aloud books in one place. Okay, I totally get that this is overboard for most people. But, if you are a hyper-organized type of person, you would love this! After entering a book title and author into the base,  you can start tagging each book for every category you might use that book in. Then when you need books for certain topics, you can click the tag you need. It will show you all of the books in that category. So neat!

Check out The Guide to AirTable to help you get started with the basics first. Then, get creative and try it out. Let me know what you think! Iโ€™d love to how you are using AirTable as a teacher.

Keep track of all professional development, lesson plans, lists, RTI data and much more with this FREE online platform! You can easily share it with colleagues and administrators at school to share data. AirTable will give you great teacher organization ideas, including an online to do list!

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