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March 4, 2019

Best Literacy Podcasts

We are all SO busy! That’s why I love a good podcast that lets me squeeze in some professional learning while driving, getting ready, or exercising. Literacy podcasts can be harder to come by, but today I’m sharing a few that I think can be helpful! Some are entire podcasts dedicated to literacy, and some are specific episodes. While I may not do things exactly the way some of these hosts and guests suggest, I can always be inspired to try something new or tweak something I’m already doing. I hope you’ll pick up a few new strategies, ideas, or just good background knowledge to start implementing in your classroom!

Are you looking for some EASY PD? We are all busy teachers and listening to literacy podcasts has been a simple way for me to grow in my literacy teaching practice! Check out these 5 must listen to literacy podcasts. #balancedliteracy #readingteacher

Voice of Literacy

With an average length of about 12 minutes, the hosts of this podcast interview researchers in literacy. They talk about the implications and application of their research. There are about 100 episodes total that cover a wide range of topics for teachers, parents, and administrators of elementary students. There are even some that cover strategies for English Language Learners in early literacy. Definitely scroll through and download a few to listen to that would apply to you and your teaching situation! Check out the Voice of Literacy podcast website HERE.

The Voice of Literacy podcast is the perfect place to learn about your literacy instruction!

The Heinemann Podcast

These shorter podcasts are interesting because they always have a guest with practical teaching information from popular authors in education. The podcast covers a wide range of education topics. I went ahead and picked out a few literacy-based episodes that are relevant to primary grade teachers. Check them out!

For some great literacy podcasts with strong literacy voices, check out the Heinemann podcast!

Literacy 2.0

Put out by the former International Reading Association (now the International Literacy Association), this podcast covers some interesting topics in literacy. The first episode is great! It’s about how to close the literacy achievement gap through culturally responsive teaching. If you have students from culturally diverse backgrounds, you will probably love it, too! They did a great job diving deep into hard topics in literacy. Listen to it and the other episodes HERE.

The Literacy 2.0 podcast is a great way to get some literacy PD on the go!

Two LIT(eracy) Ladies

This podcast is hosted by two women who have a passion for adolescent literacy, but I think the topics they cover is relevant to younger readers, too. One interesting topic they discuss is how technology is impacting reading writing. Head over to listen to Two LIT(eracy) Ladies.

If you are looking for PD on the go, check out Two LIT(eracy) Ladies podcast!

The Literacy Bug

Dedicated entirely to literacy, this podcast explores all aspects of it and everyday issues that come with teaching and learning. He shares heavy content on helping readers and writers develop their skills, think, and explore. Listen to it HERE.

If you are looking for an easy to listen to literacy podcast, check out The Literacy Bug!

If you missed my blog post about my favorite teacher podcasts in general, you can find that HERE.

Do you have any great literacy podcasts you would recommend? I’d love to hear about them!

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