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February 24, 2018

Best Podcasts for Teachers

Podcasts are such a fun way to hear about new things going on in education, learn about new technology, improve your classroom community, or find a few tips and tricks. They range from people sharing real life, personal experiences to experts in educational science sharing new information. Some are as quick as 10 minutes, while others go deeper and last around an hour. Let’s be honest–we are ALL busy teachers! Sometimes we have a few minutes while getting ready in the morning and other times we have a long commute home.  I love teacher podcasts because you can pick which topics sound the most interesting to you! Today I’m sharing a few of my favorite teacher podcasts that I think you would enjoy, too!

Looking for a little professional development on the go? Check out these top teacher podcasts!

Angela Watson’s Truth for Teachers

Angela Watson’s podcast is a shorter, yet powerful, show released on Sundays that’s designed to motivate and inspire teachers. She really makes you feel like you are a part of a community of teachers who are all in the same boat together, trying to better this profession and pedagogies for the benefit of the students. Angela shares her really honest struggles that we can all relate to and suggestions on how to overcome them.  She is truly a wonderful person who has a big heart for teachers!  You can’t listen to this without finding some piece of inspiration and feeling excited for the week ahead!  

Click HERE to visit the home page to listen and learn more.

10 Minute Teacher

Host Vicki Davis does a podcast each weekday that dives right into the discussion with just a brief introduction – not a minute is wasted. Each day has a theme: Motivational Monday, EdTech Tool Tuesday, Wonderful Classroom Wednesday, Thought Leader Thursday, and 5-Idea Friday. This is a great one to listen to to get introduced to new thought-provoking people, books, ideas, techniques, and technology to dive further into on your own. Even if you have a short commute, you could still squeeze this one in.

Click HERE to find out more.  

The Cult of Pedagogy

Sarah Gonzalez hosts this podcast that tackles any subject related to education. She dives deep into everything teachers might be interested in like the latest in educational reform, educational technology, teaching strategies, psychological and social issues in schools, and classroom management. She is my go-to for several topics! What I think is super interesting is that her guests include teachers, administrators, students, and parents. With a 5 star rating and 500 reviews, this podcast is definitely worth checking out! 

Click HERE to find it.

#EdChat Radio

If you’re looking for a podcast that you can interact with, EdChat Radio is for you! This podcast, hosted by Tom Whitby and Nancy Blair, is based on a weekly Twitter chat using the #EdChat. On Sunday, participants can vote on which relevant topics to discuss. Then on Tuesday at set times, the top two topics are explored on Twitter while Tom moderates. Finally, the podcast hosts invite an influential guest to come on to discuss the most popular topic of the Twitter chat that week. HERE and HERE have a little more information on how it works if you want to participate. If you’d rather just listen, this podcast covers a wide range of education topics for teachers of all grade levels. It will definitely keep you current on issues, trends, technology, and techniques and how these things affect you and your students.

Click HERE to visit their homepage.

What are your must listen to podcasts? How often do you tune into one?

Looking for a little professional development on the go? Check out these top teacher podcasts! I love getting teaching tips, updates in the education world, and new ideas. Podcasts for teachers are a fun way to do just that!

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7 Responses

  1. Thanks for this! I didn’t think about listening to teacher podcasts! Can’t wait to get started

  2. I’d like to toss my teacher podcast into the ring! On LitCentric Radio I feature a different mentor text each episode and share reading and writing lesson ideas for elementary classrooms. I hope you’ll check it out!

    1. Hi Julie! I actually waited a few weeks to post this in hopes of your podcast launching so I could send people your way to check you out! I have listened to a few episodes myself, too. It’s a useful tool for sure! 🙂

  3. My friend recently started a podcast to help educators with financial literacy and more.

    It’s called One Million Apples

    These ones are great as well! Thank you for sharing.

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