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May 4, 2020

The Ultimate Guide for Parents to Preventing the Summer Slide

Do you have parents who want quality resources to work with their children at home to prevent the summer slide? Do you have readers in your class who you want to keep moving forward throughout the summer? Then the At Home Leveled Reading Kits might be perfect for you and the parents in your classroom.

Over the summer, students often fall behind by two reading levels. We all know how much progress students make in reading kindergarten, first, and second grade. It takes hard work from our young readers (and ourselves!). Instead of falling behind, let’s set students up for moving forward in reading over the summer!

The completed At Home Leveled Reading Kits cover guided reading levels E-J. Let’s jump into what these kits are all about and how they can empower parents to prevent the summer slide in reading.

How to Use the At Home Leveled Kits

I designed these kits to be used at home by parents to help prevent the summer slide in reading. I included a teacher’s guide in the kit that has a sample email you can send to parents to help explain it. The kits for each level have all of the components parents will need to implement an at-home friendly version of guided reading.

Here are a few other ways you can use these leveled kits:

  • As supplemental guided reading texts and resources
  • During intervention time
  • Email to parents to use during distance learning
  • Have the books and lesson materials in a basket for volunteers or paraprofessionals to use with your students for extra practice

Parent Tips and Guide to Prevent the Summer Slide

Two important things I wanted for these resources was for them to be easy for parents to do at home and to be easily organized. To help parents get started, I created a Parent’s Guide. This lays out everything they need to know about the whole kit.

I also included a reading strategy table so they can quickly see what strategy each book is focused on, the comprehension focus, sight words for each book, and word work for each book. With a brief and easy-to-read guide, parents can confidently continue to teach their kids at home throughout the summer.

Plus, I shared a simple way to organize it all. Parents can go from feeling overwhelmed to feeling organized with a plan.

Scripted At-Home Friendly Lesson Plans

Even though many parents want to prevent the summer slide in reading, they may not be fully equipped. To help parents easily teach their own children, I included a scripted two-day lesson plan for each book. It has exactly what to say and do before reading, during, and after reading. Parents can have no teaching experience and be successful!

Familiar Quality Teaching Resources

If you’ve purchased any of my Guided Reading Kits, your students will be happy to see familiar teaching posters, sight word cards, and vocabulary cards. I made at-home friendly teaching posters that correspond with the guided reading posters for consistency.

While the At Home Kits are different than the Guided Reading Kits, students will see familiar teaching elements to help remind them of previous learning.

High-Quality Texts for Each Level

There are four texts for each guided reading level E-J (or 24 books total if you snag the bundle). Each level has two fiction books and two nonfiction books. Each leveled kit has the books in:

  • full color
  • black and white
  • digital versions

The digital versions come as a PDF so parents can use them on their smartphones, tablets, or computers if they don’t have access to printers and paper. Parents can use these books at home or on the go if they have a few minutes to spare.

Helpful Student Materials

Another important component of the At Home Kits is the student materials. I wanted parents to have everything they’d need to do the entire lesson start to finish. Parents can just print these out and be totally set to read with their children. Each book has its own:

  • sight word cards
  • illustrated vocabulary cards
  • word work components

If parents don’t have printing capabilities, there are a few ways to work around this. First, they can do their best to show the vocabulary cards on their smartphones or tablets. Then, they can write out the sight words, fluency phrases, and word work components by hand.

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Ready to try out the At Home Leveled Reading Kits? Here’s where you can find each one:

Or save money and grab the At Home Leveled Kit Bundle for E-J!

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