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The Ultimate Guide for Parents to Preventing the Summer Slide

Do you have parents who want quality resources to work with their children at home to prevent the summer slide? Do you have readers in your class who you want to keep moving forward throughout the summer? Then the At Home Leveled Reading Kits might be perfect for you and the parents in your classroom. […]

Progress Monitoring with Boom Cards Made Simple

Boom Learning cards – where are you with them? Are you brand new to them or using them like a pro? I’m sure because of distance learning you probably have at least heard of Boom Cards. One thing I’m loving is progress monitoring with Boom Cards. If you haven’t checked out Boom Learning yet, head […]

5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day During Distance Learning

One of the holidays we usually celebrate in the classroom is Earth Day. Even though teachers and students are all distance learning right now, we can still find ways to teach students about Earth Day and how to care for our earth. I came up with some activities that would be easy to implement while […]

FREE ABC Countdown to Summer for Distance Learning

A free ABC Countdown to Summer to use while distance learning. One of my favorite ways to make the end of the year fun and memorable was to do an ABC countdown with my class. My students and I loved having something fun to look forward to each day as the year wrapped up. This […]

How to Use Loom for Read Alouds

Connecting with students during interactive read aloud is valuable, especially as we are navigating the waters of distance learning. Since I shared the tutorial on how to use Loom, many of you have asked how to use Loom for read alouds. There is one small hiccup in the current set-up. The camera is flipped! We […]

How to Build a Distance Learning Schedule That Works For You

Distance learning, learning at home, crisis homeschooling – no matter what you call it, most of us are doing it. And it’s hard. I’m in the same boat with all of you! Working from home and setting up a homeschool schedule to help my own children was a challenge. I finally found a schedule that […]

How to Use Boom Cards for Distance Learning

Whether you are brand new to distance learning or ready to try some new things, Boom cards are a must-try! This online tool makes it simple and easy to have students practice specific skills, monitor progress, and track data. I know teachers are overwhelmed with trying to successfully teach and connect with students online, so […]

6 Screen Free Activities to Help Kids Learn at Home {with FREE Downloads}

Whether you are a teacher looking for resources for your students to use through distance learning or a parent trying to figure out how to manage some homeschooling, it all can be overwhelming to take on. Today I want to help make this a little easier by sharing some screen free activities that you can […]

The Best Holiday Resources for Primary Teachers

This time of year can be hectic. Between the celebrations, grades due, and sugared-up students, I know it can be hard to write lesson plans and include meaningful activities. So I wanted to put together an ultimate list of holiday resources that are perfect for kindergarten, first, and second grade to make lesson planning as […]

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