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January 18, 2020

The Top 9 Most Helpful Posts for Teaching Sight Words

Let’s chat about teaching sight words – how many do you have to teach this year? Most primary grade teachers have to teach 40-100 words per year. That can be overwhelming. Not only do we have to introduce the words, but students need to practice frequently and read them regularly while teachers need to track progress consistently. These tasks alone can take up a ton of valuable time during your already busy day. But, they don’t have to. 

This list of the top sight word posts will make teaching sight words easier, give students opportunities to practice, and help make assessing students simpler. Check out these posts for the best tips and tricks for teaching sight words and how to make them more fun for your students. 

25 Sight Word Tips and Tricks

Why are sight words such a big deal? Because over 50% of all reading materials are made up of the same set of words! If students know their sight words, less time and energy goes into decoding sight words. Then, more brainpower can go into decoding the more difficult words. This post has 25 practical tips and tricks to help students master sight words.

While you’re there, grab the FREE sight word chant. It is always a hit with students!

Sight Words in Guided Reading: How to Boost Every Reader 

Have you ever felt stuck practicing sight words the same way in guided reading over and over again? This post is for you! I shared how to choose sight words in guided reading and five effective ways to practice them at the table. 

Making Sight Words Stick 

This post covers a few simple and easy ways to help make sight words stick. I always had a few students who struggled to master sight words, but these tips and tricks helped quite a bit. Plus, they take little to no time to implement. This post also has a FREE printable guide for some great sight word games.

Looking for some sight word games to play using your word wall? These are 3 of our favorite games to play in our classroom! Check them out and grab this freebie so you can play in your room, too!
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    Quick and Simple Ways to Make Fun Sight Word Games

    We all know keeping students motivated to learn their sight words is important. Everyone gets more excited to learn when it’s fun. The problem I sometimes had was trying to keep sight word games fresh while not constantly reinventing the wheel. This post has quick and simple ways to make sight word games out of games you probably already have.

    You can use these games:

    • for morning work
    • during literacy stations
    • as a Friday reward
    • as an early finisher activity

    Sight Word Table Bins

    This one teacher hack can make such a difference! Check out this post to see how I easily helped students practice their sight words without taking any time out of the day. You can prep this in little to no time, too. 

    Do your students struggle with sight words? Here are 4 Simple Tips to Help Make Sight Words Stick, plus a FREEBIE!

    The Best Way to Monitor Sight Word Progress

    Keeping track of students’ sight word progress can be overwhelming. I get it! This post shares all about how I track students’ successes in an easy way that is both teacher-friendly and motivating for students. I also shared how I kept it all organized so I could easily keep up with it each week. One exciting part worth mentioning is that the product in this post is editable, so you can customize it for your classroom. 

    Kindergarten sight word data tracking doesn't have to be tricky! See how this teacher made it easy for herself and engaging for students!

    How to Easily Monitor & Track Sight Words in First Grade

    This post shows another effective and efficient way to track sight word data for first grade. This data tracking system makes data tracking so much easier (and fun for students!). I shared all about how I tracked data, how I prepared and organized it, and the fun aspects for students. 

    Interactive Word Walls

    A valuable part of teaching students sight words is displaying them for students to refer to in reading and writing. Interactive word walls are the centerpiece of a primary grade classroom. This helpful post dives into everything about word walls: how to make them interactive, why they are important, and simple steps to get started using one. 

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    Shop Helpful Sight Word Resources: 

    Kindergarten Sight Word Data and Tracking

    Fry’s First 100 Sight Word Data and Tracking

    Sight Word Practice Pages

    Hands-On Sight Word Activities

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