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Virtual Weather Activities: Ideas, Tips, & Free Downloads

One of my favorite science topics to teach is weather. My little learners always loved it, too! Weather is all around us, and students already have some background knowledge of how it affects them. When it comes to teaching weather while distance learning, it can feel overwhelming to reinvent the wheel. Today, I’m sharing some […]

6 Useful Tips for Teaching Science While Distance Learning

When it comes to teaching science while distance learning, how do you feel? If you aren’t feeling confident, don’t worry! First of all, know that you are not alone. Secondly, I’ve got you covered. No matter what science is looking like for you, I have some ideas on how to get it in while distance […]

5 Ideas for Excellent Life Cycle Activities

There are a ton of great life cycle activities online, Pinterest, and in your curriculum, but how do you decide which ones to do? Which activities will help teach and reach all of the students in your class? I don’t know about you, but when I first started teaching, I was drawn to the super […]

Everything You Need to Teach All About the Weather

One of my favorite science topics to teach is the weather unit. Because weather is all around us, it’s fun and easily observable for our young scientists. But, here’s the problem I used to run in to: there are so many different directions you can take when it comes to teaching all about weather, not […]

DIY Earth Day Necklaces

Create your own earth day necklace with this simple DIY tutorial. Kindergarten and first grade students are sure to ben engaged as they complete this earth day activity.

With Earth Day around the corner, I thought it was the perfect time to share this DIY Earth Day Necklace.  I got this idea from a great teaching colleague.  You know the kind.  The kind that you would team teach with any day, go to when you have an idea, but just aren’t quite sure […]

4 Tips for Implementing Science Experiments

Implementing science experiments doesn't have to be hard. These tips are great reminders for science experiments with kindergarten and first graders!

If there was one sure way to engage my little learners, it was to do science experiments! Their eyes just lit up when I told them we are going to implement a science experiment. It’s definitely a moment that made my teacher heart so happy–and forget all the craziness of our day! There were 4 […]

The Basics of Anchor Charts in the Classroom

Anchor charts are used every day in classrooms, but do you know why? Read about the basics-why we use them, their importance, how to use them, and what tools you need to get started making your own anchor charts!

It’s no secret that I love anchor charts. We used them all the time in our classroom and for everything! From teaching procedures and setting expectations at the beginning of the year to mini-lessons throughout the year to reviewing our learning, we used them constantly! Sometimes I think it’s easy for us, especially as elementary teachers, […]

Integrating Science into Reading and Writing

Integrating science into reading and writing is a breeze once you see how this teacher does it! She provides a detailed look into how she squeezes it all in!

Science was, hands down, a favorite time in my class for all of my students year after year! We were not only able to explore fun topics, but we were able to get our hands dirty and carry the topic throughout the day as we learned reading and writing skills.  And let’s be honest–with everything […]

6 Activities to Help You Teach All About Insects

Spring is definitely here and this is the perfect time of year to teach your little learners about insects! I love how our science standards help us tackle this, but I also thoroughly enjoy integrating it in reading and writing! These insect activities will help you engage students, teach standards, and reach every learner. Read […]

9 Must Make Anchor Charts for Science

These 9 must make anchor charts for science are easy to recreate! Students in kindergarten, first grade, and second grade will love using them. #4 is always a hit in my classroom! #science #anchorcharts

You have heard me talk here and here about my love for anchor charts.  It continues today as I highlight some of my favorite science anchor charts! This science anchor chart by Chalk Talk caught my eye quickly! It is great to create you discuss plant parts. My little scientists always enjoyed learning that the food they […]

4 Pumpkin Literacy Activities for Kindergarten and First Grade [+ A Freebie!]

One thing I have learned over the years is that no matter the child, drawing on a relevant, engaging topic that brings excitement benefits our learning environment. Depending on the time of year, it can be life cycles, animals, insects, or even pumpkins. The fall is so fun and is a great time to bring […]

Interactive Science Notebook Tips

Interactive science notebook tips for kindergarten and first grade that are genius! I love the elastic idea she shared!

I have been using science interactive notebooks since my first year of teaching.  I had a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful science teaching coach who was all about using science interactive notebooks in the classroom.  It was a bit of a struggle for me to get them going.  Some years were better than others for implementing them, but […]

Mammals, Insects, and Life Cycles

The spring time in the classroom is the perfect time to engage learners as they learn about mammals, insects, and life cycles. These ideas are perfect for kindergarten and first grade!

Spring is in full swing around here! We have had our days of crazy rain, thunderstorms, tornado warnings lately, followed by gorgeous sunny days like today.  I thought I’d take some time to share some Spring Science Classroom Resources with you all. It’s the time of year that you start dragging…the end of year count […]

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