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How to Easily Implement Guided Reading and Reader’s Workshop

I chatted with a brand new teacher who was trying to figure out which reading instruction model she should choose: reader’s workshop or guided reading. Not to mention, there’s also the book club model (or literature circles). She read the professional development books, asked her teaching team for opinions, and searched Pinterest until her eyes […]

4 Practical Steps to Teaching Guided Reading Remotely

As more time is going by, teachers are putting together distance learning lesson plans and trying to reach out to students in their classrooms to keep moving them forward in learning. I want to help make part of the reading aspect a little easier for you! You all know how much I love guided reading, […]

4 Ways to Support Struggling Readers with Comprehension

We spend a lot of time at the guided reading table coaching our students through growing their reading skills. Many times we get to the end, check for comprehension, and it seems like the little reader has no idea what they read. They are struggling with comprehension. Where am I going wrong? What am I […]

5 Quick and Easy Ways to Write in Guided Reading

We all have been there. We get to the end of a guided reading lesson, check for comprehension, and then it’s time to do a quick write. We realize we didn’t quite plan ahead because, goodness, we rarely get this far in the lesson without the timer going off. But not today! Today we made […]

How to Check for Comprehension in Guided Reading

I remember during my first year of teaching, I worked so hard to get all of my students on grade level for reading. In guided reading, we did phonics practice, sight word work, hands-on word work, and running records. All of the right things. When I got to the testing, I realized I had some […]

Guided Reading Level C: How to Best Boost Your Readers

Have you been there, at the table- staring at a blank lesson plan template for level C guided reading, frantically searching for how to write a lesson, or flipping through the same book over and over again, hoping a teaching point will jump out at you? I sure have! Since then, I’ve spent time researching, […]

Sight Words in Guided Reading: How to Boost Every Reader

Amazon affiliate links are used below at no cost to you. I earn a small commission each time someone makes a purchase through one of my links, which helps to support the blog.  We were sitting at my guided reading table for the hundredth time. We had been working on the same sight words in guided […]

11 Tools to Help You Get Started With Reading Small Groups

Just the thought of getting started with guided reading small groups can be overwhelming. I know that was the case for me when I started teaching. You have to create a space for it You have to gather reading tools. Then, you have to create groups and write effective lessons. It’s a lot! One area […]

How to Get Organized for Guided Reading {with a FREEBIE}

When you open your guided reading binder, what do you see? Are your lesson plans and student data forms easily accessible? Do you know which students need a running record today? Do you have all the resources you need at your fingertips? I know I got tired of disheveled papers falling out, losing track of […]

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