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December 21, 2015

Interactive Writing in the Classroom

Interactive writing is one of the many elements of a balanced literacy model. Ā There are SO many benefits to doing interactive writing with your kiddos!

    • They learn alongside you!
    • They feel proud of their work and feel like an author!
    • They have confidence because they are successful with your scaffolding!
    • Everyone observes the writing process!
  • They can apply these skills during independent writing time or writer’s workshop!
Today I want to share all about it!

Interactive Writing is an important element in balanced literacy! It is simple to implement and can be engaging for alls students! See everything you need to know to get started!


The act of interactive writing is a bridge, so to speak, between reading and writing. The students not only get to write alongside an expert writer, the teacher, but they also get to read and re-read as they are composing text.


Many times interactive writing can get confused as shared writing. Ā I know I am guilty of that!

Shared writing is whenĀ the students tell the teacher what to write and she does so using correct writing conventions. Ā This writingĀ is a good example to be displayed in the classroom for students to reference.

Interactive writing isĀ when the students actually use the pen and write the text with the teacher assistance.Ā  This type of writing will not beĀ perfect, but is a powerful learning experience for students.
Interactive Writing and all you need to know about it!


Interactive Writing and all you need to know about it!
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    • We use chart paper and mark off a line towards the top half. Ā This is their practice area. You can also use a dry erase board for this.Ā Chart paper foundĀ HERE fromĀ Amazon.
    • With the colored markers, I allow them to choose a color and I write in black. Ā This helps distinguish their writing from mine easily.Ā Markers foundĀ HERE fromĀ Amazon.
    • We call the Post-it Tape “Oops! Tape”. Ā We use this when we make an oops in our writing.Ā Post-it Tape foundĀ HERE fromĀ Amazon.
    • The alphabet chart is one of our resources that we use when stretching out words. We use its pictures to help use determine what letter makes that sound.Ā Alphabet Chart foundĀ HERE fromĀ Amazon.
  • We use the pointer to help us track our text as we re-read what we have written.Ā Pointer foundĀ HERE fromĀ Amazon.


Interactive Writing and all you need to know about it!

When doing interactive writing, we usually write about experiences that we have shared in together. Sometimes it may be after a crazy experience with a frog on the playground and other times it will be a simple task of writing Daily News together. Whatever it is, I make sure that the students are eager about it and they are engaged!


Keeping a class of 5-6 year olds engaged when they aren’t the ones writing can be hard!! Goodness! Here are a few suggestions.

Interactive Writing and all you need to know about it!
Do you do interactive writing in your classroom? Ā What does it look like? I’d love hear any tips and tricks you have!
Ā Interactive Writing, everything you need to know to get started!
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13 Responses

  1. I love your blog and you are becoming my Kindergarten guru. I will be teaching kindergarten for the first time this coming fall. I taught first grade for the past two years. Also, this will be my third year of teaching.

    “We use chart paper and mark off a line towards the top half. This is their practice area. You can also use a dry erase board for this. ” How doe this look like? I am trying to visualize it but can’t. Does it mean that you use the top half for your writing and the bottom half for their writing? Maybe I’ve been using this concept wrong.

    When I do interactive writing I start writing and they finish it. Also sometimes they go to the board and write their thinking and underneath I rewrite it if they had a lot of trouble with the spelling. I use to teach first grade and I wasn’t sure how interactive writing was supposed to look.

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