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February 15, 2020

Guided Reading Level F: The Best Kit for Successful Teaching

Do you know what some of the big differences are between guided reading levels in kindergarten and early first grade guided reading levels like level F? Hint: If you have my FREE Guided Reading Resource Cards, you might already know!

Here are some of the big differences when students are moving to level f: 

  • increased comprehension strategy difficulty (for comprehension tips, check out THIS POST)
  • heightened focus on fluency (for more fluency tips, check out THIS POST)
  • more self-monitoring
  • stronger ability to break apart and decode regular words and multisyllabic words

The big idea is that in guided reading level f, students are focusing more on the big picture in a book (comprehension and fluency) versus decoding words to read in lower levels. It’s so important to help students build a strong foundation in these areas to help boost their reading. 

To make this super simple for you, I want to share Guided Reading Level F. It’s the ultimate guided reading kit that has everything you need to successfully teach this level whether you’re feeling like a pro or struggling to know where to start.  These guided reading kits are one of my favorite resources to share because I love helping teachers help their students. Let me share why this kit is the best! 

Guided Reading Level F Overview

To help you understand where these readers came from and where they are trying to go next in reading, this kit includes a teacher guide that lays it all out for you in an easy to read format. I also added an overview for each component of a guided reading lesson plan so you’ll know exactly what to expect and include in a lesson plan. 

This kit also includes an overview for each book that includes the reading strategy, comprehension focus, sight words to practice, and word work to implement. You’ll be able to see the map for the entire unit at a glance! 

Finally, I included some organizational printables to help you set everything up for easy access. The binder covers and section dividers will make setting up your guided reading binder quick and easy. 

Resources to Set Students Up for Success Before Reading

I wanted to include things to set you up for success before students actually start reading. I also love using teaching posters to remind students of decoding and comprehension strategies. 

There are also fluency strips, sight word cards, and vocabulary cards to help students review before reading. This can help students practice expression while reading and master important words in the texts. 

6 High Quality Guided Reading Level F Texts

This guided reading kit has six books for you to use at the table with your students. There are three fiction texts and three nonfiction texts. Each text has illustrations to help students decode and comprehend the text. The nonfiction books also include text features to help students understand what they are reading. 

Scripted Lesson Plans for Each Book

Okay friends, this might be the best part. Each book has both a one day and two day lesson plan that has each component totally written out for you. I have such a passion for guided reading, and I want you to be so successful that you will develop a passion, too!

I coach you through the entire lesson, beginning to end and tell you exactly what you should say to your students. The goal of the scripted lesson plans is to help you become more comfortable with structuring a guided reading lesson.

Word Work Component for Each Text

To help you boost your students’ reading, I also included a word work activity (and everything you’ll need for it!) in the Guided Reading Level F kit. Each of the six word work activities is designed to correspond with a book and has easy to follow teacher directions. 

Ongoing Reading Assessments For Guided Reading Level F Made Easy

My favorite way to assess students during guided reading is with running records. A running record is just a page of notes you take as a reader reads a book. It’s super simple, but the information you gain from it is priceless. Check out my post to learn How To Take a Running Record and grab the FREE running record cheat sheet

The Guided Reading Level F kit has a running record for each book ready to go and has a detailed explanation page to teach you how to take one. You’ll be totally set to make sure your students are on the right reading level. 

How to Help Parents Get Involved at Home

I love sharing reading tips with parents (check out THIS POST for more ideas!). This ultimate guided reading kit includes an introductory letter for you to share with parents of students at this level. It will help them understand what you are teaching students to do and where they will go next in reading. 

Each book also includes a note to send home with it for students to practice at home. Each book’s parent note has questions parents can ask their children when reading if they get stuck. The notes also have comprehension questions to help families have conversations about reading. I just send the book from guided reading and the note home in a gallon baggie for students to practice at home. It’s a super convenient way to help parents help their children. 

Phew – I know that’s a ton of information, but I want you to totally understand what’s included! This Guided Reading Level F kit truly has everything you need for a successful lesson from before your students sit down at the table until they leave your table. To sum it up, this kit includes: 

  • Guided Reading Level F Components
  • Organizational Tips for Teachers
  • Guided Reading Level F Strategies Map
  • Guided Reading Level F Lesson Notes and Teacher Notes
  • Teaching Posters and Charts Needed
  • Parent Involvement Tips and Notes
  • Running Record Breakdown
  • Lesson Plans and Materials
  • 6 leveled texts (color and b&w-3 fiction, 3 non-fiction)
  • 1 day and 2 day teacher scripted lesson plans for each text
  • Word Work Activities for Each Text
  • Sight Word and Vocabulary Cards for Each Text
  • Running Record for Each Text
  • Parent Involvement Notes for Each Text

If you’d rather see a video about my guided reading kits, you can watch a previous Facebook live video HERE

Head to my TpT Store and grab yours today to start boosting your readers in guided reading. As always, let me know if you have any questions at all! I’m happy to help! 

Happy Teaching,



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