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August 6, 2012

Fluency Self-Checks

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Last week I had two trainings.  This week I have 4! YIKES! Many of you will start back in the next week or two.  As a “Hooray! We made it through staff development!”, here is a little Fluency Self-Check that your little ones can use.  You can have them do the self-check on each other once a week as they do read to someone in Daily 5, or they can do it on their self in read to self as a part of Daily 5.  My plan is to have my friends use it once a week during read to self to assess their reading fluency.  I also plan to use it as we use Fluency Races to track our fluency throughout the year.


This fluency self-check is designed to give your little readers practice and encouragement as they work to build their reading fluency. For the blank option, you can make a comment or have students do a check mark if they did it well. If a student needs to work on that area, they can make a plus sign. I also included a happy, straight, and sad face version that’s more younger reader friendly. Fluency self-checks help our readers focus more on what the text is actually saying so they can understand the meaning.

Students love getting to be the teacher, so I will also let them to these fluency self-checks on each other during literacy stations occasionally. Just a fun way to switch it up!

Click on the photo or grab yours HERE. I hope you find this resource helpful!

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