7 Things I Learned About Virtual Guided Reading Groups

When things went bananas last year and we were thrown into distance learning, I was excited to figure out how to launch virtual guided reading groups. I had tons and tons of teachers just like you asking for my help in figuring how to do virtual guided reading to keep moving readers forward. Just like […]

Guided Reading Levels and What They Mean

Have you ever found yourself using a system, but not really knowing why? Maybe you are using it because someone introduced you to it and you just rolled with it. Maybe you have found yourself using it because you knew there was a purpose but weren’t sure what it was. I know I have been […]

How to Create Breakout Rooms on Google Meet for Guided Reading

One aspect of in-person learning that is a little challenging to recreate while distance learning is small groups. For guided reading, this is critical. If your district won’t let you use Zoom, there is a way to create breakout rooms on Google Meet. You might be wondering, “Why do I need breakout rooms for small […]

Best Practices for Virtual Reading Assessments

Distance learning has so many challenges – technology, student engagement, parent involvement (too much or too little), and the list goes on. Before distance learning reading instruction can take place, teachers will have to complete virtual assessments for each of their students. Without getting some best practices in place, it can be difficult to get […]

6 Tips That Will Help Prepare Parents for Guided Reading Distance Learning

Tips to help you equip parents to master guided reading via distance learning. Part of mastering distance learning is going to be figuring out how to best equip and prepare parents on how to support their child’s learning at home. While guided reading look the exact same? Nope! You will probably find yourself battling distracted […]

6 Steps to Launching Guided Reading During Distance Learning

With many districts around the country opting in for some form of distance learning again this fall, it’s time to really dig in and pivot our teaching practices to serve our students. What about guided reading? How do we launch guided reading while distance learning? I wanted to help you map out a plan to […]

5 Effective Pre-Reading Activities for Guided Reading

One common hang up in guided reading is what to do with students before they read. How can we get students’ brains ready to read and set the tone for the small group time? Teachers often know the lesson needs to be about 20 minutes, but wonder what to do with students besides read the […]

How to Effectively Track Guided Reading Data

One commonly asked question I get is, “How do I know how to track guided reading progress in my students?” This is such a good question! Tracking guided reading data plays a key role in understanding these things about our readers: how much progress students have made when to move students up a level when […]

What to Teach During Guided Reading {with FREE List}

You sit down at the guided reading table. Five sweet smiling faces are staring back at you. You have a perfectly organized guided reading binder. Then what? Do you know what guided reading skills you need to cover with this group? Do you feel prepared and relaxed or slightly anxious about knowing what to do […]

Why You Need Guided Reading in Your Classroom

Guided reading is hands-down my favorite way to teach reading. Not only do I see results in my students’ reading skills, but they love it. When I called a group to my guided reading table, they were all always excited. There are so many benefits of guided reading. Trust me when I say you need […]

Second Grade Guided Reading: Your Guide to a 3 Day Lesson

Second grade guided reading usually includes levels K, L, and M. Friends, I got so comfortable with the one-day lesson plan for guided reading in kindergarten. In first grade, I started realizing that time seemed a little rushed in the upper levels. Then, when I started planning for the Second Grade Guided Reading Kits, I […]

How to Complete End of Year Assessments for Virtual Guided Reading

Normally, our end of the year guided reading assessments might look like a big DRA box on our teaching table, a slew of running records carefully analyzed, and checklists to be sure we covered each student. This year, things might look very different for you. I know everyone is in a different place as far […]

The Secret to a Successful Guided Reading Group

“Amanda, there must be a secret to successful guided reading. What is it?” I get asked this exact question often. Teachers want students to experience success in reading through guided reading, but sometimes they feel like a hamster in a wheel. They are doing the “right” things, but it feels like going through the motions. […]

The Ultimate Guide for Parents to Preventing the Summer Slide

Do you have parents who want quality resources to work with their children at home to prevent the summer slide? Do you have readers in your class who you want to keep moving forward throughout the summer? Then the At Home Leveled Reading Kits might be perfect for you and the parents in your classroom. […]

4 Practical Steps to Teaching Guided Reading Remotely

As more time is going by, teachers are putting together distance learning lesson plans and trying to reach out to students in their classrooms to keep moving them forward in learning. I want to help make part of the reading aspect a little easier for you! You all know how much I love guided reading, […]

How to Make Time for Guided Reading

The number one question and concern I get is that teachers say they don’t have time for guided reading. You have at least 22 students to manage in your classroom. You have mandatory things you have to fit into your reading block from your school or district. You have testing to do. I get it! […]

3 Comprehension Strategies for Second Grade Guided Reading

You sit down at your table, get your readers reading, then freeze. Oh no! I need to check for comprehension. What will my focus be? If you have followed me for even a few months, you probably have heard me share about my guided reading journey. It took some time, but once I found my […]

Guided Reading Level F: The Best Kit for Successful Teaching

Do you know what some of the big differences are between guided reading levels in kindergarten and early first grade guided reading levels like level F? Hint: If you have my FREE Guided Reading Resource Cards, you might already know! Here are some of the big differences when students are moving to level f:  increased […]