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November 15, 2014

Bright Idea Teacher Tips Round-Up to Save New Teachers Time

This month is when the craziness begins for the holiday season. It’s wonderful and exhausting all at the same time.  It also is the time of the year that lots of families travel. Traveling is a great time to catch-up on your blog reading!  This month we are throwing together a little round-up of ideas with some of our favorite teacher tips. So kick off your shoes, throw your feet up on the dash, and enjoy your leftover turkey sandwich as you read these bright ideas!

Teacher Tips for Organizing iPads

This way of organizing the apps on our classroom iPad was a game-changer for me! Read all about how I organize them HERE.

Sight Word Tips

Sight words are always a struggle for some of my little friends.  I do my best to use them EVERYWHERE! Check out THIS POST to see how I use them on their tables.

Do your students struggle with sight words? Here are 4 Simple Tips to Help Make Sight Words Stick, plus a FREEBIE!

I have a whole blog post with 25 sight word tips and tricks to help you help your students make high-frequency words become sight words.

Teacher Tips for a Transient Classroom

Teaching in a transient school has a whole different set of obstacles to overcome.  One of them is keeping up with students’ school supplies. Read HERE to see how we help tackle school supplies.

Tips for Birthday Celebrations

This is ALWAYS a hit in my classroom- the Birthday Chair! Hop over HERE to read more about how we celebrate birthdays in our class!

You can easily celebrate birthdays and make students feel special without spending a ton of money. This chair lasts for year!

DIY Chalk Paint

This is one of our most favorite activities to do when the weather is nice outside! HERE I shared what we do with chalk paint and the recipe to make it! You can use it to have students practice high-frequency words, phonics skills, or just for fun at recess.

Classroom Management Teacher Hack

This is an “oldie, but goodie” in the classroom. You can have students create a “happy picture” on the board. Then, when students make good choices, they get to add their name to the picture. This is also great to leave for substitute teachers to do! Read more about changing things up and reinforcing positive behavior in the classroom HERE.

Field Trip Teacher Tips

Are you headed out on a field trip soon? There is always a lot to keep up with before you go, but check out THIS post to see what I do to keep track and get the students involved and motivated!
Do field trips have you going crazy due to the prep work? These field trip tips are perfect for you and your kindergarten or first grade field trip!

Writer’s Workshop Tip

Do your students spend too much time erasing during writing time? Do you miss out on the chance to see their thinking because they erase and start over so much? HERE is a great tip that I learned from a wonderful teacher my first year of teaching!

Whether you are a new teacher or an experienced teacher just looking for some new ideas to try, I hope this post was helpful!

These 8 bright ideas are perfect for any classroom! These tips are perfect for new and experienced teachers. Grab some ideas for classroom management, celebrations, activities, and more! I especially LOVE the birthday chair! #ClassroomIdeas #TeacherTips

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Check out these other wonderful Bright Ideas from teachers HERE!

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