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October 27, 2012

Media’s and Author’s Purpose FREEBIE

Author’s and media’s purpose are really new concepts for my first graders.  They also seem a little advanced at first, but when I broke them both down, they were able to grasp the concepts quickly!  This week as we wrapped up author’s purpose, I also introduced media.  We discussed the many kinds of media and their purpose’s, too.

Since we were reading about spiders this week to discuss real vs. fantasy, it was easy to continue to work on author’s purpose.

We wrapped up the week with writing about the author’s purpose after reading one of our spider books and then creating a fun little spider.  (I have to tell you…we don’t have art as a class in our district so when we create things like this it’s MAGICAL! I also have to remember that my kids don’t know some things because they don’t have an art teacher to teach them.  Cutting takes a while sometimes.)

As I introduced media, we first had to talk about what it is. I’m sure you are not surprised at the fact that almost all of my students quickly caught on to what media is.  They were most commonly aware of social media.
To help the concept stick, I wrote a poem about media and we sang it throughout the week! They LOVED it!

You can grab the Media song and Author’s Purpose papers HERE for FREE!

What a wonderful Friday we had! We really did have a great week this week.  You know, one of those weeks when you say “This really is the BEST year!” 🙂 I’m thankful for those moments because those are the times I lean on when we have tough days.

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    1. They can be used anytime of the year. The pie is there to remind the students of the 3 different purposes…Persuade, Inform, Entertain. We used PIE to help us remember! 🙂 Make sense?

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