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March 31, 2015

April Fools’ Day Activities FREEBIE

Are you a prankster? ย I am not. ย I wish I were, but I am not good at lying, so I always ruin any prank I try to pull! I love to hear about pranks people pull, and my college days were filled with witnessing lots of silly pranks. They just bring joy (when they are considerate pranks)! In the classroom, you can easily engage your writers in April Fools’ Day activities with creative writing!

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There is something magical about April Fools’ Day when you are 5 and 6. ย I can remember being younger and my little brother thinking he could try April Fools’ jokes on me ALL April. ย It’s the same in the classroom. ย There is always a kid or two who likes to tell you silly things the ENTIRE MONTH of April!

I LOVE reading silly stories that my little ones write. It’s so fun to see them be creative, or tell a story that really did happen!

April Fools’ Day Read Alouds

  • April Fool, Phyllis– This book brings back Punxsutawney Phyllis from Groundhog Day and is full of twists and turns! She tries to warn her friends and family, but no one will listen to her. In the end, she saves the day using her groundhog instincts! Find this book HERE.
  • April Fool Watchout At School– This story is about one of my classroom favorite characters-Gilbert! He isn’t perfect and gets himself into trouble, but he always learns a lesson along the way. April Fools’ Day is no different! Grab the book HERE.

April Fools’ Day Writing FREEBIE

After reading about April Fools’ Day and getting your students’ creative wheels spinning, it’s time to get them writing. They can choose to write about a pretend prank or a silly day. They may also choose to write about a REAL prank that happened to them or that they pulled on someone.

Here is a little April Fools’ Writing FREEBIE for you to snag!

How will you handle April Fools’ Day activities in the classroom? Do you have a fun prank planned for your students? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below!

Happy Teaching,


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