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March 31, 2015

April Fools’ Day FREEBIE

Are you a prankster?  I am not.  I wish I was, but I just am not good at lying so I always ruin any prank I try to pull! I love to laugh and read about them, though!

There is something magical about April Fools’ Day when you are 5 and 6.  I can remember being younger and my little brother thinking he could tell April Fools’ jokes ALL April.  It’s the same in the classroom.  There is always a kid or two who likes to tell you silly things the ENTIRE MONTH of April!

I LOVE reading silly stories that my little ones write. It’s so fun to see them be creative…or tell a story that really did happen!

Here is a little April Fools’ Writing FREEBIE for you to snag and use this week!!

Click the image above to snag this FREEBIE

 Borders from Krista Wallden
Font from Kimberly Geswein

I hope you have a wonderful day!April fools writing is a fun opportunity for students to express their silly personalities and be creative! They also could write about cause and effect using the day as a prompt! #freebie #freeprintable #aprilfoolsday #writingteacher #writingpaper

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