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October 15, 2022

6 Books for October Read Alouds That Your Class Will Love

October is always such a fun time in the classroom! It starts to feel like fall (for the Texans at least), and there are so many fun fall-themed activities I loved to bring out for my students. One great way to bring in the season and holidays is with read alouds. October read alouds can cover a variety of themes, topics, and subjects.

To help you get started, I put together a list of seven October read alouds you and your students will love. These books lend themselves to teaching specific reading strategies that will help your students become stronger readers. Plus, they are super fun to read!

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Why should I use read alouds to teach reading skills?

Teaching reading skills while you are doing your interactive read aloud gives you so much bang for your buck. Students are usually captive when you read aloud to them. You can use this time to build and deepen their comprehension skills.

You can teach them to make connections, make predictions, infervisualizedetermine what’s important, and synthesize all while we read aloud to them. Additionally, you can also work with them on character development and retelling. 

6 Books for October

When choosing these books, I wanted to find books that would engage your students and help foster a love of reading. I also wanted the books to give students authentic ways to practice reading skills and strategies. And friends, these books do just that!

October Read Aloud Lessons Planned For You

If you want read aloud lessons ready written for you, with activities planned out and ready to go, I can help. I put together everything you’ll need for lessons in the October Read Alouds resource. Each book has a full lesson plan with objectives, vocabulary to introduce, direct explanation, modeling, guided practice, and closure components. I guide you through the entire lesson!

I also included vocabulary cards and a vocabulary activity for each book. Because vocabulary is one of the Five Pillars of Reading and is such a strong predictor of reading comprehension as readers grow, I wanted to provide you with plenty of opportunities to reinforce new words.

One of the most favored components of teachers who already use this resource is the printable sticky notes. Not only do you have a full, detailed lesson plan, but you have printable sticky notes to put inside your book with teaching points already written for you.

October Read Alouds has eight lesson plans for seven books that help reinforce skills like making predictions, making connections, questioning, visualizing, and inferring. Everything you need for read alouds all in one place!

Be sure to grab your resource today to take planning read alouds off your plate as we head into fall and spooky season!

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