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September 1, 2018

Ideas for Teaching Science in September

I hope all of you who have started back at school have had a wonderful first few weeks! I know for me when September rolled around, I was still trying to get to know my students and fine tune our routine. If I planned out my day well and prepped all of my materials, it really helped me stay organized and feel confident.  So today Iโ€™m sharing First Grade Science for September. It has everything youโ€™ll need to have your entire month of science mapped out and ready to implement!

Teach science and integrate literacy with this unit! You will have everything you need for apples, matter, magnets, and fall! Interactive notebook activities, science experiments, lesson outlines, anchor charts, and much more are included!

September Topics

The topics covered for September are:

  • Magnets (TEKS: 1.2A, 1.2B, 1.2E, 1.3B, 1.4A, 1.6B, 1.6C, 1.6D)
  • Apples (TEKS: 1.8C, 1.10B)
  • Matter (TEKS: 1.5C)
  • Fall (TEKS: 1.8A, 1.8C)

These are great units to get your budding scientists excited for science this fall! 

Teaching Plan to Make Lesson Planning a Breeze

Each unit has a suggested five-day teaching plan with the activities you will be doing and the materials youโ€™ll need. Most importantly, I wanted to make it super easy for you to implement First Grade Science for September in your classroom.

Science Experiments

One of my favorite ways to teach the scientific method is with hands-on experiments. You can grab your FREE scientific method posters HERE! Experiments help students learn through investigation and grab their attention.

They also provide a great way to preview what students might already know and evaluate how well they have mastered the content. Each unitโ€™s experiment has everything youโ€™ll need to get it ready for your learners. As a result, it will be simple to lead your little learners through an experiment each week and watch them grow. 

Are you in need of an engaging science experiment about apples? This apples science experiment has easy to follow directions and a great reflection page!

Interactive Notebook Components

Interactive notebooks are a powerful tool to help students think about and record their learning. All four topics have flip books and graphic organizers you can use in interactive notebooks. I have some tips for using them with younger students HERE.

Using interactive notebooks in science really does serve a great purpose! Students are more engaged, you are able to communicate with students about their learning, and students display their knowledge.

Integrating Science for September with Literacy

I love integrating science with reading and writing any opportunity I can get! In order to help you do this as seamlessly as possible, I included poems/songs for shared reading, phonics lessons, and close reading passages.

Shared reading gives students a chance to use decoding and comprehension strategies in an authentic way. Your students will love reading and singing about what they are learning.

Shared reading is a great time to integrate science. Focus on literacy skills WHILE teaching science--yes!

Each unit also has several correlating phonics activities. You can use these during literacy stations, morning work time, or as a whole group instruction follow-up activity. They will keep your students engaged while they practice phonetic skills!

First Grade Science for September is jam-packed with activities for the entire month! Friends, I know your students will be engaged, learn the content, and have fun during science time. I also wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to stay organized while teaching. For that reason, I wanted to make this as teacher and student-friendly as possible. You can head to my TPT store and pick it up today.

If you want to be set for the whole year, you can purchase the bundle HERE. When you purchase the year-long bundle, you get Close Reading Passages for the whole year for FREE!

The close reading passages have detailed teacher instructions to make them a breeze to integrate science with reading and writing. These passages have reading and comprehension practice, writing extensions, vocabulary building opportunities, and a guide for students to write about connections they make with each passage.

Squeezing in some science during reading is SO SIMPLE with these science themed close reading passages. Follow the weekly plan and implement these in a breeze! They are great for your high readers in K-1, too!

One teacher who already implemented this in her classroom said,

“I absolutely love all your monthly Science bundles! They are fantastic and packed with great activities, organization, and ways of teaching science.”

I hope you’ll feel the same way!

Teach science and integrate literacy with this unit! You will have everything you need for apples, matter, magnets, and fall! Interactive notebook activities, science experiments, lesson outlines, anchor charts, and much more are included!

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Mega Read Aloud List

Use this FREE mega list of science-related read alouds for kindergarten through second grade to help you teach science all year long! This list covers 39 science topics with 4+ book suggestions for each topic. Grab it today to be set for the entire year of science read alouds!

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