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December 8, 2018

Teaching Science in December

 First Grade Science for December has so many activities for science and activities that allow for integration into reading and writing. Your little scientists will master the content in a snap!These science activities for December are perfect for your first grade class! From reindeer activities, to snow activities, to birds, and mammals your students will be set! Anchor charts, close reading, interactive notebook pages, and experiments are all included! Read more on the blog post for first grade!

The topics covered this month are:

  • Reindeer TEKS: 1.10A, 1.10C, 1.10D
  • Mammals TEKS: 1.10A, 1.10C, 1.10D
  • Snow TEKS: 1.8A, 1.8C
  • Birds TEKS: 1.10A, 1.10C, 1.10D

I want this to be simple for you to implement in your classroom (or with your children at home), so this unit comes with a full month-long curriculum map. I also break it down by each week so you’ll know what to do each day. Many of these activities can also be done during morning work time or literacy stations.

This science unit for first grade students has an easy to follow month long plan including activities for reindeer, snow, birds, and mammals.

Content for December Science

Each topic for December science is covered in a week’s time frame. For each week, I provided a unit teaching plan with specifics including the focus, activity to do, and materials you’ll need. There are colorful visual aids you can project or print to help your students understand the content.

One way to help anchor students’ learning visually is through anchor charts. HERE you can read a little more about them, but they are such a great learning tool! Each of the four units has an anchor chart for your class to make as well as other graphic organizers.

This birds anchor chart is perfect to use at the beginning of a science lesson with first grade students. It has easy to use labels and will provide a great chance for interactive writing or shared reading with students.

There are two science experiments for First Grade Science for December. Hands-on investigations are great attention grabbers and assessments for students. These experiments are simple to prepare, have a detailed guide for you, have printable illustrated directions for students, and include recording pages.Explore various types of bird beaks with this science experiment! It is perfect for your first grade students and will take students through the scientific method.

I always like to guide my scientists through the scientific method. You can grab your own scientific method posters for free HERE.

Grab these FREE scientific method posters for your little scientists to reference during science experiments.

In addition to the experiments, there is a snow storm demonstration activity as well for December science. I’m sharing it as a FREEBIE for you on my blog HERE. I hope your students love it!

This snowstorm in a jar experiment is loved by students! It's perfect for your classroom as you explore snow activities or season activities for kindergarten or first graders!

Another great way for students to work on new learning for each topic is with science journals. Each of the four topics has several things you can include in science journals like KWL charts, flip books, and pocket sorts. You can read more about science journals and how to use them HERE and HERE.

Use this snow interactive notebook page to record learning as you explore all about snow!

Integrating December Science

If you come around here often, you probably already know how much I love integrating science into reading and writing. One great way to do this is through shared reading.  Shared reading is a crucial part of a balanced literacy program where the teacher and students get to practice together. 

If you aren’t doing shared reading in your classroom yet, don’t worry! The detailed notes show you how to do it. I included four poems to correspond with each of the four science topics this month. Each poem also has word work and phonics activities as well! HERE are a few of my favorite shared reading tips.

Use this shared reading activity to integrate science into your literacy block. It is complete with a 5 day teaching plan, including a phonics activity. This shared reading is perfect for your first grade readers.

Close reading passages are another great way to integrate science into reading. Students will read a passage and get to work on comprehension, expand vocabulary, make connections, and complete writing extensions. You get a close reading passage (and all activities for each passage) for each science unit for FREE when you purchase the First Grade Science Year-Long Bundle.

Finally, there are several writing craftivities that will allow your students to get creative with a purpose. These types of activities allow you to assess what students have learned in science and serve as writing assessments. My students absolutely love doing these!

Use this reindeer writing craft to create a hat full of reindeer facts for your little learners!

First Grade Science for December really has everything you’ll need to confidently teach science in December and have your students learn in a fun way! Hop over and snag your own First Grade Science for December!

If you want to save even more money, I bundled science for the whole year HERE.

These science activities for December are perfect for your first grade class! From reindeer activities, to snow activities, to birds, and mammals your students will be set! Anchor charts, close reading, interactive notebook pages, and experiments are all included! Read more on the blog post for first grade!

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Mega Read Aloud List

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