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August 21, 2012

Teacher Week : Must-Haves Monday!

Today I’m linking up with Blog Hoppin’ for Teacher Week!

When I was thinking about my “must haves”, I was having a difficult time doing only school things.  That’s only part of my life.  I finally broke it down to these 3 categories: in the classroom, as a teacher, at home.

Must Haves:

In the classroom-

  • My Guided Reading Binder! I seriously don’t know how I would do small groups without this thing.  It has been a key to my organization and implementation.  

  • Lucy Calkin’s Writing Workshop books and Reading Workshop books.  You all know how much I love writer’s workshop and how much I believe in it.  I can’t wait to try her Reading Workshop sequence this year! 

As a teacher-

  • Comfy shoes! I wear flats everyday.  I do not know how some people teach in wedges or heals.  Bless your little souls!! I’m also a Toms fan.  I have about 7 pair and really like them!!

  • Great music on my drive! I jam out to Shane and Shane or even Christmas music sometimes. (Hubs always says “uggghhhh, turn this off!” when he gets in my car and hears the Christmas music! HA! 🙂

At Home Working-

  • Comfy blanket! I sit on the couch when I work and I always have a blanket on my lap.  Yes, even when it’s hot outside I sit with a blanket on my lap. I think it’s all about the comfort! 
  • Prayer Journal! Ladies and gents, I *cling* to this thing! Prayer is what gets me through every day because as you all know, somedays are just a little crazy! Plus, prayer changes things and that’s a HUGE deal! Sometimes it’s just good to be reminded that in the end, I just need Jesus and that is all! 
Step over to Blog Hoppin’ and see what other things teachers “must have”! 

Happy Teaching,



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