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Literacy Manipulatives to Help Boost Phonics and Reading Skills [FREEBIE]

When it comes to using manipulatives in the classroom, we often think of math manipulatives. What about using literacy manipulatives in the classroom? Yes, friends! Literacy manipulatives are a great way to help readers develop stronger phonics, fluency, and comprehension skills. Chances are that you are already using some literacy manipulatives in your own classroom. […]

5 of the Best Pumpkin Activities for Kindergarten and First Grade

When it comes to fall in the classroom, what do you think of? Besides a pumpkin spice latte to start the day, I immediately think of pumpkin activities and investigations. When you use pumpkins in the classroom, you can easily integrate reading, writing, math, and science. Who knew one vegetable could provide so many learning […]

How to Make Parent Communication While Distance Learning Easier

For most of us this school year, distance learning is a real possibility. With that comes several obstacles that teachers may face. One of them is how to manage parent communication while distance learning. I wanted to help you brainstorm a few ways to effectively communicate with parents so they can stay involved in their […]

What to Teach During Guided Reading {with FREE List}

You sit down at the guided reading table. Five sweet smiling faces are staring back at you. You have a perfectly organized guided reading binder. Then what? Do you know what guided reading skills you need to cover with this group? Do you feel prepared and relaxed or slightly anxious about knowing what to do […]

How to Share Reading Tips for Your Kindergarten Parents

What do you say when your kindergarten parents ask for reading tips? Do you struggle to offer them concrete, practical activities to do at home? I sure did! Until I got my little secret weapon ready, I found myself digging through files and grabbing charts and flashcards to send home with students who needed a […]

The Best Way to Monitor Sight Word Progress

Sight word data tracking doesn't have to be tricky! See how this teacher made it easy for herself and engaging for students. Don't forget to grab the FREEBIE! #SightWords #WordWork

92 words. 100 words. It doesn’t matter which list you use – Dolch, Fry’s, or your own. Mastering sight words is a key factor in reading success with little learners. That makes progress monitoring for sight words important. But the task of tracking it all can seem so daunting. How do you keep students motivated? […]

4 Tips for Implementing Science Experiments

Implementing science experiments doesn't have to be hard. These tips are great reminders for science experiments with kindergarten and first graders!

If there was one sure way to engage my little learners, it was to do science experiments! Their eyes just lit up when I told them we are going to implement a science experiment. It’s definitely a moment that made my teacher heart so happy–and forget all the craziness of our day! There were 4 […]

How to Help Cultivate a Love of Reading

Loving to read is not something that comes naturally to all children. Sometimes they love to get lost in a book, make connections, predict what will happen next and other times children just want to look at the pictures and be done. I can even see that in both of my own children.  My son […]

10 End of Year Ideas to Save Your Sanity [with FREEBIES!]

The end of the school year is so close, yet there are days that it just seems so far away! I know I always was looking for the last day of school on the horizon, but I wanted to keep my students engaged in learning all the way until the end. To help make planning […]

Making Sight Words Stick

Do your students struggle with sight words? Here are 4 Simple Tips to Help Make Sight Words Stick, plus a FREEBIE!

Sight words are an important part of teaching little learners to read.  As more research has become easily available to teachers, we now know that sight words and high-frequency words are different. You can read more about that here. No matter what, though, when it comes to making high-frequency words turn to sight words and […]

Why Flip Up Books Are Great for Students

Flip up books for kindergarten, first grade, and second grade--I love the 2nd reason! We often skip that area in our lessons! There's also simple, clear directions on how to make a flip up book. Don't forget to grab the FREEBIES! #kindergarten #firstgrade

Throughout this school year,  I have been creating flip up books for teachers and students to use. I wanted to show you how we you can use them in your classroom and why they are a great learning tool for students! 1. Multiple content areas are addressed!  Teachers are telling me that they are loving them […]

FREE T-Shirts for Teachers

FREE Teacher Shirt when you order a class set through this wonderful company!

Last summer as I was busy preparing for a great trip to Vegas to learn more about TeachersPayTeachers, meet up with some great friends, and just have some good girl time I ran across A+ Images. They were offering a FREE teacher shirt! I just knew I had to have one! I was late to the party, […]

3 Activities to Makes Doubles Addition Fun {+ FREEBIE}

Doubles Addition Teaching Ideas that are great for first graders! I love the song that this teacher shared, too! Don't forget to grab the FREEBIE in the post! #firstgrade #freebie

Teaching doubles addition was always something that I enjoyed. Math always seems like the perfect opportunity to try to reach students through all different learning styles. We would do a lot of chanting, singing, game playing, and of course, the timed math fact tests. These three activities helped my students develop a strong understanding of […]

All About Apples and a Poetry FREEBIE

Integrating Apples into science, reading, and writing is not only simple, but engaging! It's the perfect way to hook your little learners!

Fall is right around the corner.  That means pumpkin spice lattes, apples, and college football!  Usually by the third week of school, we are ready to move from back-to-school themed books to apples. My students always enjoy apple activities as I integrate it into our balanced literacy and science. Let’s take a peek!  Here are […]

Back to School Teacher Appreciation

Back to school teacher appreciation idea for teachers during the first week of school! Grab the FREEBIE and spread some kindness!

For Texas teachers, today was the first day back.  This year I am at home again as we wait on our little girl from the Congo to be able to come home.  I cry every year–not because I am ungrateful to be home or for my precious little guy that is here already, but because […]

Classroom Tour and FREEBIES

Teal and white classroom freebies that will help you get organized and be set for the year!

I know what you are thinking, “What is this teal and white classroom? I thought you were staying home with your son and waiting on your adopted baby girl to come home!” You’re right.  I am still at home, BUT my new sister in law and brother both are starting their first year in a […]

FREE Binder Covers

Looking to get organized this year? No more messy file folders for me! Grab these FREE binder covers and be set for every subject!

Being organized in the classroom doesn’t come easy for everyone, but I would like to think that I am a fairly organized person. It never failed, though.  At the end of the day I looked around and I had a pile of papers that needed to be organized, but I wasn’t sure where to put […]

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