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February 22, 2014

Presidents’ Day in Kindergarten

President’s Day lines up PERFECTLY with our curriculum.  It’s not every day that a holiday is included in our standards.  We spent some time on both Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.   Here is a peek at our Presidents’ Day activities!

Celebrate Presidents' Day with these engaging activities that have students exploring the life of Abraham Lincoln and George Washington!

We started off with reading several non-fiction books throughout the week about Abraham Lincoln and created a timeline to map his life. Timelines are a great visual for my students and really tie in with our social studies standards.  The students love to refer back to them throughout the week, too!

Creating a timeline of Abraham Lincoln's life was a powerful activity for my students.

We created our own little Abraham Lincoln and recorded 3 facts that we had learned about him.  We made his hat into a little flip book of facts!

This Abraham Lincoln writing craft was a wonderful way for students to practice writing conventions while writing about their learning.

It just warms my heart with my little friends take what we are learning and apply it on their own during their writing station time.   This friend definitely got some praise! Isn’t that the most precious picture of Lincoln, too?

This Abraham Lincoln journal writing is absolutely perfect for Kindergarten writing!

We then moved on to George Washington.  We started with books and a timeline again.

Creating a timeline of George Washington's life was a powerful activity for my students.

We posted our timeline in our classroom and referred back to it often.

Creating a timeline of George Washington's life was a powerful activity for my students.

We ended our week by creating a little book about George Washington.  The kids were AWESOME at helping fill in the blanks and recalling facts about him. We love placing these books in our book tubs so that we can re-read them during independent reading time, too!

Students can read and write about presidents with this Presidents' Day activity for kindergarten and first grade!

All of the presidents’ day activities we used were from this little unit I made. If you need an anchor chart idea, check out the last one on THIS POST.  Finally, if you want some engaging and efficient activities all in one place, check out these flip books…

Presidents’ Day Flip Up Book 

George Washington Flip Up Book

Abraham Lincoln Flip Up Book

My students love them! I love them because I get to integrate reading, writing, and social studies all in one place.

Presidents' Day Activities for Kindergarten and First Grade social studies--LOVE the timeline activity! Students will love learning all about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln while integrating reading, writing, and social studies activities! #kindergarten #firstgrade

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What were you up to for President’s Day? Does your curriculum allow you to teach about Abe and George or do you have to just skim over them?

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