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July 9, 2013

Kindergarten Assessing

I must admit, my excitement for going back to Kindergarten is just through the roof!! Oh how I will miss my old team.  Talk about a dream team, guys!  I’m excited about working with a new team and learning new things, though!

I am in charge of planning ELAR for the team next year.  It’s my passion.  I love reading and writing and would teach it all day if anyone wanted to team teach with Kindergarten! HA! 🙂 As I have started planning for next year, I am just trying to think ahead.

I remember two things very vividly from my Kindergarten teaching days.  1. They can’t tie their shoes.  2. Kinderarten assessments always seem to take FOREVER!

It always seems that at the end of the 6 weeks I spend so much time sitting and doing one-on-one assessments.  While they are very valuable to my teaching, sometimes they are silly things that I already know or gathered during a guided reading lesson or conference of some sort.

My goal for this year is to help eliminate that end of the 6 weeks craziness!! I also want to make it easy for my team, too.  I ended up with this!

I created a kindergarten assessment check-list for several combined TEKS or CCSS and then created a paper assessment that could also be used, depending on your preference.  The sheets would be nice to have for RTI data purposes.  You could use them to assess a certain skill, provide intervention on that particular skill, then re-use it to assess after intervention.

It is posted in my TpT store and is 20% off until about 6 to night!!

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4 Responses

  1. I found you through Blog Hoppin’s linky party and am your newest follower. 🙂
    Wow you have been busy.
    I have always taught with upper elementary but am now working with teachers K-5.
    I never realized how much one-to-one assessment you all have to do.
    It totally makes sense, but from my 4th and 5th grade more independent world, the thought never crossed my mind.
    Congrats on going back to kindergarten! 🙂

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