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January 29, 2015

Groundhog Day Fun!

This year Groundhog Day is on a Monday.  As a classroom teacher, I always loved Groundhog Day during the week.  It’s just a fun little day to talk about traditions with the kiddos!  The excitement is just grand for them. This year I created a little Groundhog Day unit to learn about the holiday!
These groundhog day activities explore real groundhogs, the history behind the day, and some fun predicting as little learners explore Groundhog Day!

You can make predictions before Groundhog Day. Write about them and create a class pictograph. You can then discuss the data the graph produces as you analyze it!

Groundhog Day prediction writing is always a blast! Did you guess correctly? What does that mean? Groundhog day activity for kindergarten and first grade.

These hats are just adorable! Hat tip: use sentence strips to make the band that has been cut in half length-wise.
Adorable Groundhog Day hat for lkindergarten and first grade students as they learn about Groundhog Day!

I always love integrating fun holiday topics in reading and writing. This mini-book is a great way to do that! Explore the history of the holiday and then create the mini-book. We always liked to put these in our book tubs to be read later during independent reading time, too!This Groundhog Day mini-book is perfect for young readers as they explore and learn all about Groundhog Day!

You can even discuss groundhog facts!  I love using real pictures of this animal. So many of my students have never seen a groundhog before. The true and false fact sort was interesting to them all!

This true or false sort for Groundhog Day is the perfect thing to get your students thinking about REAL groundhogs!

All of this can be found in my All About Groundhog Day unit.  Groundhog Day is an exciting time for little learners! Teach them about why we celebrate this day, what a groundhog is, and the history behind the holiday! Do you discuss this holiday in your classroom? Do you teach the history behind the holiday? Do you squeeze in science and talk about shadows? I’d love to hear more!
Groundhog Day is an exciting time for little learners! Teach them about why we celebrate this day, what a groundhog is, and the history behind the holiday! #GroundHogDay #FirstGradepin it

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