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October 3, 2015

5 Fire Prevention Week Activities for the K-2 Classroom

Did you know that October 4-10 is National Fire Prevention Week? It would always creep up on me, and I would have to rush to find something to squeeze it in.  As a child, I remember this week being a total blast at school!  The firetruck would come and the firefighters would do a demonstration.  We would all practice stopping, dropping, and rolling.  

I can guarantee you that I would come home and tell my parents that we needed a fire safety plan for our house.  Whatever they taught me stuck with me! I wanted to share a few great resources that you can use as you prepare for Fire Prevention Week.

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1. National Fire Protection Week Website

To help get you started on finding activities for Fire Prevention Week, you can head to the website where the National Fire Prevention Association puts together a ton of information and activities for you to share in your classroom. You can find the correct language to use when discussing fire safety, activities for kids of all ages, and helpful videos.

2. Fire Safety Flip Up Book

One top-rated resource that makes teaching all about fire safety a breeze is the Fire Safety Flip Up Book. This book has six pages of activities all in one place. You can easily integrate reading, writing, and social studies with just one resource.

Plus, these books are super easy to assemble! Finally, there is a digital version of this flip up book so that you can use it with virtual students, too.

Fire Prevention Week Resources

3. FREE Fire Safety Shared Reading Poem

Another fun way to teach your students all about fire prevention and fire safety is through shared reading. Shared reading not only lets you teach students all about fire safety, but you can also teach students about important reading concepts like punctuation, high-frequency words, phonics, and comprehension.

To help make planning easier this week, I have a FREE song you can use for shared reading. Grab it here!

4. Fire Safety and Prevention Videos

Another easy way to squeeze in fire prevention week conversation is through videos. I pulled a few for you that I thought would be helpful in a K-2 classroom. As always, be sure to preview them yourself to be sure each video will be a good fit for your learners.

5. Read Aloud Suggestions

Finally, you can easily integrate fire prevention week and fire safety with your students through read alouds. You can use read alouds to introduce a topic or to reinforce academic vocabulary. If you run out of time for social studies one day, you can bring it into your reading block through your read aloud selection. Here are a few suggestions for fire safety books:

There are so many fire prevention activities for the classroom to choose from, which can also be overwhelming. I hope by pulling together some engaging activities that are easy to implement into any lesson plans, you feel a bit more prepared for National Fire Prevention Week and teaching all about fire safety.

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