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November 24, 2012

FREE Winter Literacy Center for Kinder, First, and Second Grades

I don’t know about you, but in the craziness of the holiday season, I always need super engaging, hands-on resources to keep my little learners focused and learning. To help make that happen, I try to incorporate some holiday themes into the classroom when I can. I wanted to help you do the same, so today I’m sharing my FREE winter literacy center – Winter Word Making! This word work center is perfect for kindergarten, first, and second grade. 

But first, what is word work? 

Word work is a dedicated time or part of your day where your students get to work with words. During this time, students might be looking for a specific pattern in a group of words, sorting words, manipulating word families, practicing phonics skills, or doing some other type of phonics activity or work.

You might also be doing some phonemic awareness activities with them. This time is so important because students get to see and play with words. Working with words and patterns helps students become stronger readers, writers, and spellers. 

Winter Literacy Center for Word Work FREEBIE

This free winter literacy station has 3 mystery word-making activities for you to do whole group, in a small group, or even to drop in a word work station. This is such a great way to engage students during the fun holiday season!

If you don’t want to print out the letter cards, you can just pick out those specific letters and throw them in a ziploc along with the data sheet.  Just another idea! Having a themed winter word work station gets all of my students excited!

Grab your FREE Winter Literacy Center HERE!

You can also read all about how to get started with word work HERE!

More Winter Literacy Stations for You!

If you need to take some planning off of your plate during the busy season, you can pick up winter-themed literacy stations already done and planned for you! I’ll give you a peek at each one!

Kindergarten Winter Literacy Stations

The Kindergarten Winter Literacy Stations resource includes teacher directions for each station, easy-to-read student directions for each station, activity pages, and recording pages. The stations are:

  • Frosty Vowels- Medial Vowel Sort
  • Piling On the Snow- Endings (-ed, -ing, s)
  • Slippery Slope Sort- Noun and Verb Picture Sort
  • Wintery Words- ABC Order
  • Snowflake Sort- Short I, Long I Sort
  • Building Igloos- CVC Word Building

Grab the Kindergarten Winter Literacy Word Work Stations HERE!

First Grade Winter Literacy Stations

This resource is filled with 7 literacy activities for you to use in several ways in the classroom. The activities can be done as a whole group to help teach a new concept. You can do them in a small group format to help re-teach a concept or in workstations or centers. You can even throw them in a word work rotation to provide extra practice for students!

These are the stations included:

  • Prepositional Snow Phrases
  • ABC Order Snow Boots
  • Adverb or Adjective Snowman Sort
  • Snowy Sentence Punctuation
  • Ch and Th Snowflake Word Sort
  • Write a Winter Poem
  • Listening Comprehension Foldables

Grab the First Grade Winter Literacy Stations HERE!

I know the holiday and winter season is a busy one, so I hope you found these resources helpful! Don’t forget that even though they’re called “literacy stations”, you can get creative in how you use them – small groups, when you have a few minutes of downtime, or even as word work!

Happy Teaching,



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