Balanced Literacy in Kindergarten and First Grade

Balanced literacy in kindergarten and first grade is a crucial part of the day. See how this teacher explains each element and teaches it in her classroom.

Balanced literacy is truly a passion of mine.  I was lucky enough to be surrounded by amazing teachers who took me under their wings my first few years of teaching and really taught me how balanced literacy in kindergarten and first grade should look.  I have had several questions about when to do guided reading and […]

I Survived Week 1!

I think that as teachers we spend from October to mid-August forgetting how exhausting the first week of school usually is.  All last week I would come home and be in my pajamas on the couch by 8 o’clock.  As a matter of fact, my husband even said to me last week as we were […]

Back to School Read Alouds and a Gift Card Giveaway!

I have been working like a crazy woman to get this product completed not only for my planning sake, but for YOU, too! It just feels good to have worked ahead a little bit! Here is what I have been up to. Creating and printing out this… to put together this! We all have our […]

Comparing and Contrasting Freebie and Spring Fun!

This week was seriously the longest…………..week…………..EVER! With hour long meetings 3 days after school and morning duty the week back from spring break, I just felt like I was swimming all week.  My kids were chatty Cathy’s ALL week long!! It was crazy! Despite this craziness, we were super busy this week! We focused on […]

CSCOPE vs. Textbook vs. GOOD Teaching

It’s all a little strange for us as far as what we teach and when we teach it.  We have CSCOPE that we have to follow. {If you want to know what that’s all about, just type CSCOPE into google.  Read about all of the craziness!} We also have a state textbook adoption, too.  Then, […]

If You Take a Mouse to the Movies FREE Activity

I have a love/hate relationship with this week of school.  It’s this way every year for me.  I LOVE it because we get to do some more fun activities, but I hate it because the kids are just as ready for the break as me, which makes for a bunch of crazies in the classroom! […]

Christmas Retells!

I’m a little late in posting about this, but I still wanted to share what we did a couple of weeks ago.  We are definitely in a great routine with our reading block of time and I finally feel like my friends are moving and grooving with what I’m teaching!  I just wanted to show […]

First Week Read Alouds

Welcome to my blog!! I have enjoyed the teaching blog world and have been able to use SO many of the ideas that others have shared. I am ready to jump in this little social circle and share my ideas, too! I hope that I may be as helpful as many of YOU have been […]